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Paint Your Photo

"Paint Your Photo" is a service provided by that will convert your beautiful memory into 100% hand-painted master piece art. The process is very easy. Simply select your photo, and select the desired size and our master artists will convert your photo into oil painting. You can also request for modifications, or additions to the original photo, FREE of charge. Before we ship you the final painting, we will send you the photos of the painting so you approve it. Checkout the sample gallery of our actuall client's orders.

Why Buy From

  • Best Price Gurantee. We will beat any advertised price and still provide you with best service.
  • Paint any photo in any size with any additional creativity.
  • 100% hand painted oil painting by our master artists.
  • Express Delivery. Your painting will be send to you through express shipping, we know you can't wait to see your master piece.
  • FREE Refund and Replacement. If you are not happy with the oil paintings, for any reason, we will either refund the full amount or re-paint another one.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Select the appropriate service based on the number of faces or pets.
Step 2: On the next page, select you desired size. If the desired size is not in the options, than contact us to quote you for the custom size.
Step 3: Upload your photo, the one you want to oil-paint it.
Step 4: Proceed to the checkout, if there are any additional changes that you want to make to the original photo, than write it down in the comments sections of the Checkout page.
Step 5: We will send you the photos of the oil painting for approval before we ship it.

Are there any samples that I can look at?

We have a gallery of some of our client's orders. They are actual orders by our clients. Every order has an original photo and the oil painting that we have created.

How Much does it Cost?

The prices depends on the number of figures (faces or pets) in the photo and the size of the oil painting. Please select the appropraite serivce from the tables below.

Prices for faces in the portrait.

Final Size (Inches) 1 Object 2 Objects 3 Objects 4 Objects 5 Objects 6 Objects 7 Objects Shipping Group
8x10” $72             Group 1
12x16” $82 $102          
16x20” $102 $122 $132        
20x24” $116 $136 $156 $176      
24x24” $126 $146 $166 $186 $206    
24x36” $172 $202 $232 $262 $292 $322  
30x30” $182 $212 $242 $272 $302 $332 $362
30x40” $208 $248 $288 $328 $368 $408 $448 Group 2
36x36” $218 $258 $298 $338 $378 $418 $458
36x48” $268 $308 $348 $388 $428 $468 $508
48x48” $298 $338 $378 $418 $458 $498 $538
36x72” $334 $384 $434 $484 $534 $584 $634 Group 3
48x72" $394 $444 $494 $544 $594 $644 $694


How much is the shipping cost?

We will deliver your oil painting by express shipping. You will get your painting in 3-5 business days, usually 3 or less days.

Shipping Destination Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands ... ), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia (Macao,  Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand ... ), South Sea Islands FREE FREE FREE
Middle East, East Europe, Central America, South America, Africa $15 $20 $25



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