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I use around 1/2 cup per gallon of water and it doesn’t clog up your pump such as pine oil will.

In case you have pets, then add 1/2 cup vinegar to this to help with pet scents. It’s also very good on pet stains. Spray full strength on the pet area and absorb everything you can; then take action .

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Hello, I have a steam machine and I always try to avo >

I’d like to have horrible pet stains on my carpet with the accompanying smells. I used very hot water, a cap filled with vinegar & a few Oxyclean. I d >I used plain warm water then poured soda (2-liter bottles ) right on the carpeting. However, the carpeting was already ruined (sickly dog & an elderly dog) so I tried a Great Deal of things to Acquire r >

When an individual would go out of his rentals, he would place like one part Purple Power to 3 parts water into his shampooer to clean his carpets and it works great! We have out all of the paint and may ‘t see where it shattered. I used the shampoo cup to quantify it and everything I did was place a cup of Purple Power and only finished filling the tank with water.

Based on if it is your system or a rental. A leasing you have to use their merchandise. Or in the event the machine clogs, you’re responsible. My carpet shampooer doesn’t warm the water, therefore I place the warm water in the tank. My cleaner isn’t in the clean water but additional trigger sprays that.

Clear non sudsing ammonia is still fantastic BUT then be careful what else you put in to it. In addition, I like to freshen up the floor with a small vinegar . My most recent FIND is buying Febreeze in mass or one you can refill. Then rinse the rugs. Fresh smelling. Do not spray it on the rugs, then it makes gummy.

Do not use anything that produces a suds action. That takes forever to escape the carpeting.

What’s the portion of water and ammonia to use in the Hoover rug shampooer? Which cleans better ammonia or white vinegar? Thanks very much!

White vinegar is just one of the greatest cleaners ever produced. Dilute with one part vinegar tp eight parts water. Apply to area and blot with moist cotton towel. NCC.

I’d use the white vinegar. No ammonia fumes and a natural deodorizer.

Clear ammonia was utilized by professional cleaners. Do not mix products. Personally I use vinegar–white distilled, in my machine. 1/2 cup 2 gallons of warm water. If my dog has an acc >

I have become a big fan of using vinegar and baking soda to spot clean my carpet. It works superbly. Can anyone tell me how I could use my own carpet cleaner to get the whole room without the chemicals?

Hi Karen This is the answer my husband uses in our carpet cleaning machine.

We have used it for many years and works very well.

I just purchased a new carpet shampooer and want some recipes to get good carpet cleaner. I’ve got multiple stains and pets. It’s old carpeting, really used, when we purchased our double w >

I used original Oxyclean with a little Dawn Powerclean dish soap on my carpeting. I thought " No way that the carpets ruined. However, to my surprise that it cleaned my carpet as new. My door to my bedroom was shameful tracks in my wheelchair. I also employed a steamer on the hard spots. I utilized a Rug Doctor Machine & it worked incredibly.

I’ve got a Bissell pro-heat 2x and I want the steps for the borax and vinegar combo to use in the tank. The cleanup formula is way too costly and the carpeting seems to attract dirt faster. Is that because I’ve steamed up the Scotch Guard? My neighbor has used this site for assistance and recommends you.

Really Bissell cleaners are armed with Scotchgard, and it keeps your warranty on Scotchguarded rugs in tact!

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We need to be aware of how much water and vinegar to spend the Bissell Powersteamer.

Proceed to this Website to get a recipe (04/07/2008)

I’ve got a Bissell Powersteamer carpet cleaning machine and I need to find out what I will use that will be secure for my puppies, will eliminate pet odors, and dirt from carpets also. Does someone have any thoughts? I remember reading some somewhere, but can’t remember what they had been! Thank you Beforehand.

I use warm water and vinegar in my green system and it works fantastic. Really cleans the grime, removes smells, and doesn’wont leave any soap residue to attract more dirt. I d on’t even have to worry when I got all the soap out. It’s simple and very cheap! (05/12/2006)

I just remembered, that we have some carpet shampoo for the Bissell Pro Heat. This had been an off brand, but it functions, and comes in a huge container. It’s only $6.00. We obtained it at Cash and Carry. A bit more sudsy compared to the costly stuff. That machine is such a good one. It does pretty heavy duty job. In case you have pets, then you will need to keep checking the brush, and cleaning it all out. Kersti (05/15/2006)

Do you have an idea for a homemade carpet cleanser for the steam cleaner check my blog?

Avo >Soap is tacky and will attract dirt indefinitely. I never place it in my carpeting. The only approach I know of having it out is to drag the carpeting to the yard and rinse and rinse and rinse and rinse.

Then, I use 1 cup of the remedy in my steam cleaner and then fill with warm water.

Instead of using expensive carpet shampoo to clean your carpet do what grandma used to use and use white vinegar and warm water. It cleans great, freshens and neutralizes any scents and rinses the carpeting nicely leaving no soap. Try it you’ll love it!

Soap seems to make my carpets get dirty faster so I moved over my carpeting with plain warm water and just what a soapy mess. I use a tiny oxy cleaner and it really brightened my carpeting and makes it look like new.

The shampoo you are using on your mind. Practice hammering it until you have it how you want it it ought to foam to lift up the dirt foam not to lather more powerful is not better P.S. this especially excellent advice when using fertilizer and pesticides. (03/21/2004)

Avo >If you have animals, ammonia isn’t a fantastic thing to use on your carpets, especially if you’re handling a pet stain. The smell will only lure them back to exactly the same spot. In addition, in the event you have hardwood floor under the carpeting, ammonia will turn the wood black. I sadly found out the hard way.

I was able to clean carpets professionally. They’d used soap. I had a cleanser from my franchise that isn’t soap that would finally clean out all of the soap and then stop the stains from coming.

Soap must be phased out entirely or it will attract dirt and consistently be a problem. I use vinegar in a spray bottle with a cotton towel that I rub the dye so that the cotton wears out, not the yarn.

My personal carpet lasted l0 years more than its warranty and seemed wonderful because I kept it clean. (11/06/2004)

I found this in:

"Never mix ammonia and bleach!

Among the most frequent dangers occurs when chlorine bleach is mixed with ammonia or ac >One way this occurs is when people disinfect a room with bleach prior to cleaning. As an instance, you could apply bleach to disinfect the sink region, then wash the dishes with an antibacterial dish soap that includes ammonia. When an area was cleaned with other products, be certain the area is thoroughly coated with tepid to warm water prior to bleach is employed. "

As vinegar is an acid that it will respond exactly the identical way .

We utilize bleach very, very carefully and only when nothing else will do the job. In the U.S. many cleansing products include bleach. Ensure that you check the ingredients and examine the warning labels. A few drops will disinfect water so you never need very much. (01/15/2005)

I use to work with wave, but I enjoy the borax much better. (03/21/2006)

I simply did my entire living room carpet, using the Little Bissell green machine, and I used was quite hot water mixed with white vinegar. It functioned fantastic, the carpet looks new germs are murdered and the room smells fresh! (03/22/2006)

Most important point to consider is whatever builds up suds or foam leaves that residue in your carpet, what you choose to use to clean your carpet. The best thing to do is to return and use hot water and white vinegar to pull up the remaining part of the shampoo and residue, and leaves your carpet look great. (07/10/2006)

We’ve got a couple of cats and I have experienced years of experience with home carpeting machines. First off, when you have cats or dogs neglect ‘t use ammonia as was said above, it reminds them of the litter box. I have tried all kinds of stuff and have settled on a cup of white vin. And about a half bottle of Febeze (Yellow label-allergen reducer) a container of water, that will be roughly a gallon.

I fill the container with a mixture of half water and hottest tap water. I would like ‘t always add white vin, but consistently add the Febreze allergen reducer. It’s very important to shampoo rugs on nice dry times if possible. Lots of air movement to help them quickly.

I get up more water whenever the machine is heavy so that my last sweep is completed with almost a full backwash bucket, I get far more dirt out this way it seems, or even put some kind of fat on the machine when you have thick carpets.

I attempt to remain with natural products so I really don’t want to use professionals because some use very harsh chemicals, certain 99% of the time nobody will detect any problems but that doesn’t mean they don’t cause any long-term problems. The natural "green" products appear to be very good to use too.

Reduced humidity implies fewer dust mites that means less contaminants in your home, don’t soak the carpets. Dust mites such as humidity over 70 percent and pretty much perish as it is 40% or less.

One other item that I recently found that I believe is exceptional but not a carpeting problem is that a shower filter. They cost around $60, I had been occasionally be itchy following a shower but no longer. They allow the water look softer and eliminate chemicals that dry on your skin and evaporate into the air. Filter changes are needed every 3 weeks but the device filters and supports can be replaced by anyone and with ease. I got the Aquasana at amazon direct by the organization. Truly a fantastic productthat you’ll be happy you see this if you attempt one. The little Britta tap water item that connects to your faucet is hard to beat too. Last but at least for you dog and cat people, don’t use plastic bowls, if your pet becomes little blemishes (blackheads) on their chin they will go away in the event that you switch to glass or non-plastic, they will. If glass is best for them maybe it’s easier for people too, I’m not certain but tons of people believe so. Artificial Sweeteners have a major discussion going on about these , check it out if your not up to speed, they sound like some bad stuff. Bye (09/18/2006)

For cleansing carpeting, especially with pets, then I use plain warm water to go over the carpets after, or add white vinegar, roughly 1 to 10 parts to water. I’d seriously recommend AVOIDING FEBREZE! Although, I really like the stuff and am sure it does a fantastic job on rugs, there are a good deal of reports of it being really harmful and possibly fatal for household pets. There has not been any conclusive evidence with this yet, but PLEASE research this before deciding to expose your pets at such a high degree as all your carpeting. Good Luck! (09/18/2006)

I use GoJo, the hands cleaner, mix 1/2 cup with VERY warm water (near boiling). Not only does it make rugs smell fantastic it removes some really nasty stains too! (09/23/2006)

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