Tips On Decorating Your Home Effectively With Oil Paintings

The history of oil painting dates back to Buddhist era. The first oil paintings are said to be discovered in Western Afghanistan and date back to 5th Century. Oil paintings, as compared to pastel paintings, are more attractive and have the ability to positively impact people with their presence. Today nearly all painting exhibitions include oil paintings due to their impactful nature and many artists get trained in the art because of myriad of methods and technique that give liberty to be extremely expressive.


Due to the fact that oil paintings look great on any location where they are placed, they have been actively used for home decoration purposes. During the era of Kings and Knights, oil painters were employed by royal courts to develop and paint great paintings for court decoration. Oil paintings have always remained a princely item and integrating it in your home décor not only adds a majestic aura.


Home décor can be revitalized and perked up when you add oil paintings. Not only these paintings please the eyes, but the onlookers will also commend your great aesthetic sense when it comes to decorating your home. However, like any other home decoration techniques, strategic placement of these oil paintings is also necessary since haphazard placement and wall-hangings might create a negative impact.

Here are some tips that can help you in doing the décor right with oil paintings:

Understanding Your Walls!

It is highly important to understand the accent of your walls before purchasing and placing oil paintings. If your home walls are generally light colored, then oil paintings with bright and bold colors are highly recommended. And if your home walls have bright colors, then oil painting selection for the walls should reflect a lighter contrast. Home décor is all about creating contrasts that make the eye balls appreciate them.


Don’t Forget Personal Taste & Attribution

When selecting oil painting for your home walls, it is important to keep your personal aspiration and style in view. For instance, if you are known to be an abstract personality within your friend circle, you will need to put up paintings that depict abstraction and reflect your personality. A home decorated artificially without personal attributions might look great but you won’t feel comfortable in it for very long.

Abstract Oil Painting 4

Abstract Oil Painting For Home Decor

Abstract Oil Painting For Home Decor 2

Framless Oil Paintings Are “In”; Borders and Frames “Out”

Gone are the days when picture and painting frames used to play an important role. Frameless oil paintings are in-fashion today and eliminate chances of unmatched borders and frames. Hence, it is highly recommended to go for oil paintings that are frameless. And due to the introductions of frameless canvases, the artists have taken greater liberties and now you can even purchase an oil painting that is split into multiple canvases for greater depth and cover more area of your wall with pure art.

Oil Painting Home Decor


Size Does Matter

Size of the oil paintings, you desire to hang in your room, must be directly proportional to the room size. You can’t experiment with this since putting small painting in larger rooms and vice versa creates a negative impact. For broader rooms, you can place long box oil paintings to cover maximum area and for small rooms, a square painting will do the job just fine.

Paint Your Photo

You should also experiment with oil paintings of yourself and painting. Of course they are expensive if you hire an individual artist for the job, but the latest paint your photo option by ArtGaga lets you easily convert great family moments in to oil paintings that last forever.


And there you go! If you follow these tips, we are sure that you’ll end up with artsy and chic home décor complete with awesome oil paintings. If you believe we missed out on an important tip, please ping us via the comments section and we’ll add it up in the list.

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