The ice manufacturer line to my ice box presently doesn’t have shutoff valve and I also’d want to include one but i can not find out just what size the connector is

we bought a 1/4 inches valve considering that the ice manufacturer connector I have says 1/4 FCM it did not fit on it but. It seems a lot more like 1/8 inches, but a 1/8 inches valve does not fit either, even though it is quite near. Where could I find information regarding water pipeline sizes, there has to be some standard?

The copper water line i will be linking it to gets the exact exact same dimension as the refrigerator.


Okay we thought that looking the net for 1/4″ OD Valve Male Female would get me personally the thing I require but i’m getting no total outcomes therefore I’ve reopened issue! Can anybody provide me personally an internet connect to a item which will fit? i have added an image associated with the present connection where i would ike to include the valve. Many Many Thanks!

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You can find various criteria to pipelines and threads. Your problem is you want to mix two various standards that are threaded.

The ball valve which you connected to has nationwide pipeline threads (NPT). NPT are tapered plus it is the fact that taper that produces the seal between a male and female joint No washers are needed.

What exactly is shown in your picture is compression fixtures that have a right or thread that is running. The seal is created by either a ferrule or a plastic washer.

For you personally, the bond between your copper pipe while the supply hose is made the following:

1/4″ Copper Tube > 1/4″ Compression by 1/4″ Compression Coupling > 1/4″ Supply Hose

The seal on the copper pipe is created with a ferrule that is positioned beneath the nut. Since the nut is tightened, the ferrule is compressed amongst the coupling in addition to pipeline.

The seal on a rubber makes the supply hose side washer which will be often integral the the nut regarding the supply hose. (The compression coupling might have have two pea pea nuts, certainly one of that has been discarded since the supply hose has one integrated.)

Therefore, to respond to your concern, you simply require a 1/4″ compression x 1/4″ compression valve that may change the coupling that is current. The following is a hyperlink to this kind of valve.

Do the paperwork is had by you that was included with the refrigerator? It will show the ice maker install and say the size maybe of this valve. We have constantly seen that it is 1/4″.

Where is the water line tapped from? Frequently it comes down a 1/2″ copper pipe. You might place your valve regarding the copper pipeline part.

EDIT: web web Page 33 for the installation manual states that the water supply pipe is 1/4″ OD. You want a 1/4″ valve. Be certain there aren’t any burrs regarding the copper tubing after it is cut by you. Often you will need to register the sides. In the event that pipeline cutter just isn’t razor- razor- sharp it may mushroom the ends which will ensure it is appear that it’s maybe not the diameter that is right.

When you have more hours and cash, the advisable thing is to run either a 1/2 inches copper line or perhaps a 1/2 galvanized line towards the straight back of the fridge having a 1/4 inches connection about it, ideally set within the wall surface in synthetic package. An alternative cheaper means is always to run a 1/4 inches line through the 1/4 inches connection at your twin shut off valve using your kitchen sink. But, the copper line is just a difficult line and it gets crimped particularly when you or another person is careless in going the refrigerator around to completely clean or any.

Utilizing two crescent wrenches, this is what to complete in the event that you curently have a copper that is hard to your straight straight straight back without a shut down valve anywhere in web web site. You can get a kit who has the right components you may need, 1/4 inches connectors by having a 6 base, 1/4 inches supply hose, with the 1/4 pea nuts on both ends. Carefully do so your self or get a plumber to slice the copper line having a copper pipeline cutter, a good clean cut, a handful of inches this part of where in actuality the line is released of wall surface or case (provided that it isn’t crimped, you are ok to cut it).

Put the free 1/4 inches nut on backwards regarding the pipeline, so that the nut covers the ferrel tucked in during the side of the final end associated with the pipeline, then, screw regarding the 1/4 inches connector/adjuster about it, aided by the 1/4 inches threads to your 1/4 inches nut in the hose, and tighten up, snug, never ever overbearing, ever with any plumbing system. Then link one other end of hose/nut to your threaded end on the ice box in the bottom, snug! Remember! Nonetheless, a very important thing to accomplish whenever you are linking a line to either a tap or fridge or in any case could be, it on to clear the line of air and grub, because who knows how long it’s been sitting before you put that last connection on the refrigerator, put that end in a big bucket and turn. Plus, if you have atmosphere within the lines, that is a entire nother frustration, trust in me you don’t desire! Obtain the atmosphere down! Can be done all this your self too! Do not forget to check every thing for leakages! All the best! Now get commemorate you merely spared your self $150.

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