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Top Seven Most Famous Paintings of All Time

Top Selling Paintings of All Time That Are Highly Attractive

Amazingly, among the millions of paintings which are outstandingly designed and presented in esteemed museums and galleries all around the world, a very few amount was worthy of creating history of all times. Certainly, there is a specific group of highly attractive and energized paintings which is deeply adored and recognized by people coming from every part of the world. Such amorous paintings have left a tremendously remarkable impact which seems to be eternal and ceaseless drawing the viewer’s attention powerfully. They will more likely continue to leave great impressions in people mind with a loud echo of joy in the several centuries to hit the earth.

Let’s now amuse ourselves with the breathtakingly delightful and colorful paintings extremely pleasing to the eye.

The Fragile Beauty of Mona Lisa

da-vinci_mona_lisaThe ravishing portrait of Mona Lisa has been painted by the renowned Leonardo da Vinci. It is known as one of the most popular paintings in the entire world which comes as great attraction to people. This stunning painting of Mona Lisa is the heart of Louvre Museum situated in the city of art, Paris. Stupendously, six people from all around the world visit the Museum every year. History states that Leonardo da Vinci painted this striking painting between the years 1503-1504 till he died in 1519. Before completely his journey, he blessed the world with his winsomeness shown through this dainty painting.

The Effectively Designed Painting of The Last Supper

The outstanding painting below is well known throughout the world by the name of The Last Supper. It has been impressively painted by the highly talented Leonardo da Vinci. This strikingly popular painting is surprisingly not presented in a museum. In fact, the actual reality of this painting tells that it was attached in the back wall of dining room at the great Santa Maria delle Grazie which is a monastery in Milan, state of Italy. Notably, it was sculpted in the last 15th century. This adoring portrait portrays Jesus having last supper with his honest followers and true believers.da-vinci_last_supper

Vibrant Painting Holding Mysticism

The most intriguing artist in the history is Hieronymus Bosch who was born as Jeroen van Aken. He was an extremely enthusiastic artist who signed with the name of Jheronimus Bosch as recognition to his place of birth called Hertogenbosch. It is basically as small town of the province North Brabant situated in Holland. Peculiarly, Bosch desired to be named as a visionary. He owned choice like that of a poet and used symbols bestowing secretive glances and hints into the world of mystery that exceptionally lied behind his painting. The fascinating factor of the artist is that he strived hard to perform the art of “hanging people in colors” and as one can keenly observe, he has been remarkably successful in doing so. It is vividly shown in the fantastic painting above. The themes he preferred using were the surgical operations, dance of the cripples and quack doctors. All these are tremendously challenging works which are shown through his paintings wonderfully.Hieronymus_Bosch_The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights

The Luminously Appealing Portrait of Andrei (1408-1425)

holy-trinity3The image leaving one in a state of astonishment is fantastically created by the Russian painter named Andrei Rublev. He has stupendously portrayed three angels in his desirable painting that appeared to the honorable Abraham at Mamre. Particularly, the holy paintings also makes one realize the theological link with three persons existing in the Christian trinity (God the father, Holy Spirit and son). The remarkable artist Rublev used exceptionally tempera to construct the amazing icon which measured 3.75 feet wide and 4.6 feet tall and consists factors by factors of symbolism. The painting which contains an inner deep spiritual meaning is presented in the pleasing Tretyakov Gallery situated in Moscow.

The Incredibly Fascinating Masterpiece by Pieter Brueghel the Elder

The majestic and dream like painting has been inquisitively designed by Pieter Brueghel the Elder who came from a chain of fine and well trained artists and craftsmen. Interestingly, the painter himself gave this painting a serene touch of great beauty which truly deserves a solemn embrace from all those who grabs the powerful sight of it. He has used cool colors in order attract people attention in an enchanting way. This fascinating painting entertains the viewers eye with utter captivation. Brueghel is said to be one of the most uniquely artistic and creative intellect who richly dominated his gripping work in the huge world of art. brueghel

Magical Painting Holding Angelic Affection by Agnolo Bronzino

florentineThe highly engrossing and entrancing painting is given a magical touch which seems entirely fanciful. The beautifully designed painting is extremely eye catching bringing a bewitching smile on the one who observantly admires it. The adorably charming painting twinkle the art world. Outstandingly, it has been designed by Agnolo Bronzino. He awe inspiringly painted Cupid, Venus, Folly and time for a filthy rich friend to gift it to the imperious Francis 1 of France. The delicately delighting portrait measures 3.8 ft wide and 4.75 feet tall. Whoever develops a sense of admiration for it also acknowledges the gorgeous figures in it for instance the middle most figure is of Venus with her joyful son Cupid. The other features include Folly in the right centre and depiction of time in the right top. Bronzino attractively posed the three amusing main characters which are wondrously famous in Mannerism. The breath taking painting is established in the esteemed National gallery of London.

The Elegance Which Can Never Fade

madonna-of-the-long-neckThe appealingly catchy painting is genuinely named Madonna and Child with angels and also St.Jerome. The incredible life like painting has been sketched by Parmigianino Mannerist who’s son earned the nickname of Madonna with Long Neck giving it a swan like dainty undulation. The desirable painting measures 7 feet tall and 4.3 feet wide and it’s fabulously painted in a different style using oils on wood. The praiseworthy Madonna was commissioned by the respectable Italian woman known as Elena Bacardi who took it for her family in Parma church. The divinity and purity of this elegant painting is absolutely remarkable and out of question.

All About Leonardo Da Vinci’s Portrait: Mona Lisa

A Brief History of Portraits Painting

There used to be a time when only the richest of the rich had their portraits made. It was unthinkable for a commoner to get him/herself captured onto a canvass. No matter how hard it is for us to imagine this with the technological advancements of today, it was quite normal, back in the Renaissance period, for wealthy Florentine traders to hire an artist to have him paint a glorious portrait of themselves for very large sums of money. Even these merchants would most likely get their portraits painted only once in their entire lifetimes. Back then, having a portrait of yourself made symbolized exalted social status. It was a luxury only the elite could enjoy. On top of that, it took the artists quite a lengthy while to finish painting a portrait so, the subject (the one being captured in the painting) had to hold a steady pose for hours, even days at times.

‘Mona Lisa’: The World’s Most Popular Portrait

Leonardo Da Vinci Famous Italian Painter painted Mona Lisa on a wooden panel with oil paints. If not THE most famous, it is indeed one of the most famous paintings of the world.

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The Making of Mona Lisa

Leonardo finished painting Mona Lisa somewhere in between 1503 to 1506. At this time in history, He was living in Florence, Italy. The iconic painting can now be found hanging in the Louvre Museum in Paris which is the Mecca of the art world, with this painting being the sole object of the artistic pilgrimage. In 1970, the wooden panel was worked upon and made steady with the introduction of a few supportive braces, having previously been treated with the addition of a frame made of oak wood back in 1951. And also a tiny crack close to the centre of the top edge of the portrait was cleared by adding a dovetail joint.

The Smile of Mona Lisa: The Mystery Behind It

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was intended to be a normal portrait of a Florentine merchant’s wife but, over the years, it has become very significant and is now looked upon as the greatest single symbol of the Renaissance period and also the most widely known painting in the entire world. The Portrait takes its meaning from the unresolved mystery of the subject’s smile. Her smile and her tender gaze was indeed meant for her husband to see but, due to unknown reasons, the painting couldn’t ever be delivered to its rightful owner. Da Vinci carried it with him when he visited Francis The First (the King of France at that time) to work for him.

The Eternal Influence of The Mona Lisa

This miraculous work of Leonardo’s, issuing an intense blend between the subject and the background, set a bench mark for all portraits works to be done in the future.

Who Was the Woman in The Mona Lisa

After a discovery made in 21st century, the woman in the portrait was revealed to be Lisa del Giocondo nee Gherardini. She was the spouse of a wealthy merchant from Florence, Italy, named Francesco di Bartolomeo del Giocondo (thus the portraits other title being ‘La Gioconda’). This famous painting is a traditional portrait painted in half-body. It features a sitter in the foreground and faraway landscape in the back. But, unfortunately, this dissection of the painting’s composition would not do. We would have to go to greater lengths than this to develop a better understanding of The Mona Lisa, Leonardo’s greatest work.

What Technique Did Leonardo Da Vinci Use With Mona Lisa Painting

Leonardo implies the use of some very fine shading to establish the exquisite detail of this portrait. Lisa’s provocative curves and the delicate locks of her hair are further exaggerated by the land forms in the background (the rivers and valleys). The subtlety of the subject’s dull, mysterious smile is the final stroke upon Leonardo’s masterpiece. Lisa’s smile is what makes The Mona Lisa what it is. It speaks of the artists’ metaphysical dispositions; of what he believed to be a heavenly link between nature and humankind, preserving this portrait as an everlasting documentation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s broad horizon.

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Mona Lisa and Maddalena Doni


The Mona Lisa has had a great influence upon the Renaissance era (and upon further epochs to come). It revolutionized the art of portrait painting for the entire world. Da Vinci’s early works motivated his students and contemporaries and provided them with the food for freer thinking before attempting to make paintings of their own. The growing popularity of these drawings of his among artists made wealthy art lovers of the time collect them. His popularity and exalted reputation as an artist and a revolutionary thinker had quite an influence on his fellow artists. Similar to Leonardo’s own, it encouraged freedom of thought and action. A quotable example: Raphael, the impressionable yet talented artist who loved to sketch Leonardo’s works, took the Mona Lisa’s composition and made it the base of all his future portraits. One such example being Raphael’s portrait of ‘Maddalena Doni’.

Reanimating the Classic

The world has seen, at the very least, a dozen masterfully painted replicas of the Mona Lisa till now. This replication of the iconic portrait projects the sitter’s embodiment of the perfect woman, containing all elements that form one ideal female: beauty, depth and all.mona_lisa_200-3de6813d39fb781c383befc954b7eceeae67ec77-s6-c30

This ideal woman has become quite a cult figure in the popular culture of both old and recent times. Her exalted, symbolic status was first made fun of in the 20th century. A mustache and beard were added to her face in a mocking postcard representation of the Mona Lisa in 1919. The trending art movement of ‘Dadaism’ had to its belt this shameless defilement of this greatest of all portrait paintings. The Dadaist expressed their contempt for the so called “masterpieces of the past” which, according to them, were a part of the civilization that went on and brought great wars (including the first world war) upon the world. In 1963, the portrait was also targeted by Andy Warhol, the famous visual artists from America, in pop art re-presentation of the original work.

The Mona Lisa Lives on

Leonardo’s famous portrait has inspired many works of art over the years. Lisa’s mysterious personality and her oddities were studied by Max Von Schillings in 1915 and translated into an opera performance. The Mona Lisa has also stimulated the very popular American lyricist Ray Evans and songwriter Jay Harold Livingston to write the classic song “Mona Lisa”. In 1950, the song was recorded by the vocalist and jazz pianist Nat King Cole. Natalie, Cole’s daughter, rerecorded this song alongside many other artists. Many films have been made and novels written linked to the painting. For example: William Gibson’s novel ‘Mona Lisa Overdrive and ‘Mona Lisa Smiled a Little by Rachel Wyatts, also the film Mona Lisa (1986).

The Mona Lisa lives on in both art and popular culture even five centuries after its creation. The the face of the Florentine merchant’s wife you can spot on tee-shirts, walls, clothes etc these days. It is perhaps the most reproduced image in mankind’s history.

Facts That Prove Leonardo Da Vinci Is The King of All

1)     When He Painted a Notorious Version of Madonna on the Rocks

Because of his flawless artistic skills, Da Vinci was asked by the “Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception” to create a painting for their San Francisco church, and he planned to surprise them by giving them a version of “Madonna on the Rocks” that contained a number of bizarre and disturbing aberrations against Christianity.

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The World’s Most Important Paintings

Centuries have past, generations have extinct, but the phenomenon of art is expanding with such flamboyant and extravagant collection of masterpieces that it is hard to ignore the fact that no matter what comes with the new era no one can ever end the excitement art world has to offer to the rest of the world. And as the tiny units are adding in to the body of art, there are tons of awe-inspiring masterpieces that cannot be forgotten, and most importantly cannot stop the influence they put on the heart of many. Here, we are going to show you few of the worlds’ most important paintings that have gained success and cherish around the world. But the following list does not mean that significant paintings are limited to these numbers only as there are plenty of more masterpieces that one can add. It is a never-ending list; everyone has their own sighting and we are showing ours here.

  • American Gothic by Grant Wood

The World’s Most Important Paintings1

American Gothic is not just the most interesting piece of work of Grand Wood, but it is also the most recognized one among his collection, and probably the only painting from him that got a whooping success right after it was first displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago in the year of 1930. Media got their eyes on this masterpiece and within a short period of time it became the talk of the town. Nonetheless, it is believed that Wood created this painting to mock the subjected oppression set on the Midwestern Americans, who thrived hard at that time for their rights. Hence, it became the most eminent political painting that reflected the ongoing depression by portraying a farmer with his unmarried daughter outside the white house.

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