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The Multi Talented Joyce Roybal

J. Roybal is a person who is still not recognizable to many, but the little work he did for the art is indeed praise worthy. He was born and raised in Italy, and Italy was the place from where he started his passion for paint. His paintings are mainly focus on children and revolve around their lives. It is said that his work is entirely inspired by the great artist Graciela Rodo Boulanger. She is the one after whom Roybal took interest in painting at the age of 18. He captured children playing in the field with football and polo, and how they enjoyed learning to music and holding musical instruments in their hands.

Each painting that belongs to him, reflects what glee a child scrutinizes when he’s subjected to do what he adores. His theme remains are wondrous, while his selection of colors switches so instantly that you would be surprise to see sudden bright colors after a series of muted tones.

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