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Famous Jack Vettriano Paintings

Jack Vettriano paintings

Brief Biography of Jack Vettriano

The legendary painter was born in Fife in 1951, Scotland. Originally, his parents are Italian.

Why Did Jack Vettriano Change His Name

His actual name was Jack Hoggan. Later on, Jack added “a” in Vettriano which was his mother’s maiden name. You will be amazed to know that the world’s famous Jack Vettriano left school at the age of sixteen to opt out the courses of engineer to become a mining engineer.

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When Did Jack Vettriano Started Painting

Jack-Vettriano-paintingsOn Jack’s twenty first birthday, his girlfriend gifted him a vibrant set of watercolors and since then, he dedicated most of his time in teaching himself how to paint. It was the year of 1970 in which he took painting as a passionate hobby. Amazingly, in 1989, he passed on his two brilliantly decorated paintings to the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual exhibition. Both of his paintings were observed from a critical eye, adored and got sold on the first day. In the same year, the same enthusiasm was seen as a vigorous reaction of his three paintings which he had submitted for the highly prestigious summer exhibition at London’s Royal Academy and it’s from that very day, he started his new colorful life as an artist.

Early Influences of Jack Vettriano

Jack-Vettriano-Famous-PaintingsMost of jacks early influences, came basically through studying how to paint at Art gallery and Kirkcaldy Museum. Over the period of last twenty years, people have given an overwhelming response due to which Jack Vettriano grew consistently. Solo exhibitions have been set up in London, New York and Hong Kong where his paintings were increasingly sold and genuinely appreciated.

How Much Do Jack Vettriano Paintings Sell For

It has thoroughly figured out that Jack Vettriano paintings have a regular circulation of six figure prices.

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Unforgettable Time of Jacks Career

Year 2004 was an exceptionally splendid year of Vettriano’s career. Jacks best and well known painting, the singing Butler had been sold out for 750,000 at Sotheby’s. To his ultimate pride, the moment arrived when Jack was given OBE as an award for the visual arts and was the title of a South Bank Show documentary known famously as “jack vettriano: the People’s Painter”. This was a grand turning point in Jack’s life from where he took his work terribly seriously and dedicated most of his energy and focus in making the paintings extraordinary.

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Some Famous Jack Vettriano Paintings

The Ever Amusing Singing Butler

Jack-Vettriano-singing-butlerThe lovably designed The Singing Butler is the most strikingly fantastic work of Jack Vettriano. It is basically an oil canvas painting and comes to the viewer in a catchy as well as conspicuous way. Any one who holds the sight of this painting finds difficult to deviate his or her mind else. The pleasantly mysterious reality about this painting relies in the sweetest of facts that it is highly effective bringing great pleasure and joy to people. It has remarkably won and touched every chamber of people’s heart.

What is the Story Behind Jack Vettriano’s Singing Butler

Emphatically, the most important factor about The Singing Butler is that Jack Vettriano relates to his environment which is the coast of Fife. One will be impressed to know that he got tempted with the sculpture of Hollywood and immediately after illustrating the representation, an idea of revealing the same kind of imagery to Hollywood struck his brainy artistic mind. It relates to the imagination of people which is directly linked with realism and romanticism. He beautifully shared his creative thoughts expressing his craving to be at the place where the sun is flamingly shining and where they could lead a simple elegant life. It is known as an adorable and charming picture of unrealistic fancy event. The sweet lovely image dispels the atmosphere of Scotland as an exciting place where you cannot afford to have singing butlers as the symbol of negativity of anti-joy.

Jack’s Praising Accomplishment on Singing Butler

The sprightly appealing painting above is sold at the price of 744,800 pounds in 1994. One would be astonished to realize the fact that the enchanting painting made a record at that point in time for any painting in Scotland. The incredible overwhelming response and reproductions of the Singing Butler made this uniquely captivating painting the best seller art print in UNTED KINGDOM.

Critical Analysis on Jack Vettriano Paintings

Jack-Vettriano-Master-ReproductionIn the history of Vettriano, his seekers and admirers say that if jack ever got the opportunity to paint one picture in his entire life, this enchanting picture would have been the one for all eras to hit Scotland. The most enlightened part of his personality was the meaningful thought for the people of Scotland as he truly believed this enchanting painting would make their lives worth living and better. Undoubtedly, he has blessed people with such an art world which is completely licit. Some acquaintances speak of Vettriano having Italian blood as the classy and inspirational image was not only restricted to Scotland or the Scottish art but was extended in all major cities of colorful art world.

Great Works and Achievements of Jack Vettriano

In London, from the year 1994 till 2007, Jack Vettriano had been represented by Portland Gallery but the bond or say- companionship ended somewhere in June 2007. Vettriano succeeded in his profession and agreed to have various private projects in hand. This happened in June 2008. He did it with the support of the new book life“studio ” which he launched and through earning from his fabulously created portraits entitled as “Sir Jackie Stewart” and “Zara Phillips”. Around 2010, a desirable exhibition of more than forty new portraits, days of wine and roses was announced and opened at the Art Gallery and Kirkcaldy Museum in Fife. Chiefly, the exhibition was migrated to London and opened at Heartbreak in the following 2010, September. Being a highly talented and skilled artist, it becomes difficult for Jack to spend time with his family or give time to his own identity. But, Jack in spite of having loads of work, copes up his personal life by dividing time between his homes situated in London, Nice and Fifa.The incredibly honorable, enthusiastic and passionate artist Jack Vettriano through his profound paintings is currently represented by the esteemed Heartbreak Gallery located in London.

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