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Fine Art Paintings and The Use of Majestic Color Purple

Surprising Hues and Variations of the Color Purple

Human eye has the ability to identify ten million different hues that has various uses and effects. They can be used in an extremely descriptive and pure manner such as the Egyptians did. One will be amazed to know that the Egyptians used many exciting and glorious colors to discriminate between Pharaohs and Gods, also to distinguish between women from men. The extent of their creative is apparent in the fact that the Egyptians used colors to convey emotional responses or moral messages or portray a certain perspective. Most of all, the colors are to represent effects of light whereas many fabulous painters named Rembrandt and Caravaggio have manipulated the contrast between different hues for a more enhanced dramatic effect. purple_lavender_Painting

The Unfathomable Allurement of Color Purple

Undoubtedly, the purple color is one of the richest colors in the history of colors. It has strong and deep connections with wealth, strength and power. It has always been a symbolic reference of royalty but now, this mind harassing color is enjoyed and adored by everyone. Purple color is stupendous giving an individual a strong sense of power, success and accomplishment. The most breath taking fact about the ancient times states that the dye used was derived from mollusks and were way too expensive. This is the reason why purple was favorite of many royalties such as the queens and the kings and it was also a dominant color for decorating their magnificent courts.

Various Magical Shades of Purple

The royal color purple has many fascinating and startling shades such as egg plant, royal, plum, grape including the softer and light shades like lilac and lavender. The vibrant shades in purple transmits signal of luxury while the shades with soft tones are soothing and refreshing. Whatever shade one desires for, the color will remain beauteous and gorgeous in your décor and home. Oil_Paintaings_Purple_flower_tree

Different Shades of Purple Explained

Have a look at various sparks of this majestic color:

  • Violet- purple shades revealing warmth are considered as violet.
  • Gray purple- this intense and romantic color is a brilliantly calming and serene. The combination of purple with gray color gives a classy look.
  • Periwinkle- this unique color known as Bluish purple has its own terrific quality. Although the color relies on the kind of lighting you chose. It can either look purple or even blue.
  • Plum- deep, dark shades of reddish purple are attention evoking and sophisticated. If you are interested in adding some kind of composed or cozy sensation to your area, never hesitate as this color is lighthearted.

If you are interested in buying a painting of purple flower, have a look at this amusing purple rose oil painting

Delighting Pigments Creating Amusing Color Purple

Blend or taken individually colors like gray, white and purple are modern and as wondrous color scheme that fits the urban people or loft. Create an enchantment by mixing such enthusiastic textures, patterns and colors. Astonishment arises when one acknowledges the creation of this mesmerizing color purple. Dioxazine and manganese are elements that are actually common to every color but are preferably seen in Quinacridone, Cobalt and Ultramarine. Experiment with the fabulous color violet or purple with different types of shades such as reds and blues unless you don’t find your own desired color. Purple_Floral_Modern_Wall_Art

Attention Grabbing Serenity of Purple

Mostly young couples specially the ones of that are the elites demand for hot colors. Wonder that nowadays people crave for this stunningly hot color. Many people consider various tones of color purple like plum and lavender are incredibly hot. The hot shades of purple are gorgeous and catchy to the eyes due to which people use them in their royal palaces or mansions.

You can buy this beautiful purple abstract painting by Wassily Kandinsky at ArtGaga.

Amazing Enjoyable Facts About the Majestic Purple

  • The owner of Federal Express “Freight” has used an eye catching shade of purple in FedEx logos. This is the significance known as “purple promise” that you will get your packages right on time. Using orange with purple also guarantees that the package will stand out and you won’t miss it.
  • One another captivating fact is that in 2008, the giant Yahoo changed the color of the logo to purple from red.
  • The name and color “purple” basically came from dye extracted from glands of tropical sea snail known as murex also called purpura in Latin. Decades ago, creating dye was labor intensive and really expensive. That is why it became a symbol of royalty, power and wealth.
  • Aubergine describes a bright shade of majestic purple in America but aubergine in Europe is the name used for vegetable known as eggplant.

A Brief Introduction to DIY Art Paintings

What is a DIY Art Painting?

DIY Art Painting is an emerging suburban trend in which people personally undertake paint jobs; whether they imply painting the whole house, interior walls, or just creating personalized paintings that you may hang on your wall. DIY is an acronym for Do-It-Yourself, and is a fun easy going way of creating quick and cheap artwork that doesn’t necessarily appear to be too bland.

If you get the hang of DIY paintings, you may eventually turn up producing quite presentable paintings. This article aims to outline a few tips to help you at DIY paintings, as well as expressing the reasons why DIY paintings can be a good family activity too.

Decorating your home on a Budget

Painting A House On A Budget

Most of us have been at that crossroads where we can’t decide which interior decorator or painter to go for, there is an agony of choice and you don’t know who to go for in your restrained budget. The safest bet is that you go to the market and get yourselves a few buckets of paint and brushes. If its interior décor or wall paintings you want, then you can purchase canvases, frames, paints and brushes from any hobby shop.

The advantage of a DIY painting is that it can be highly personalized to suit your needs, as well as costing a fair bit less as compared to the price a professional painter might charge you for his services.

Alternately, if you turn to be good at DIY paintings, you might even start a local small scale business too in which you can accept painting assignments on freelance basis and in this way cash in your hobby to your advantage too.

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Advantages of Decorating Your Home With Removable Wall Art Stickers

Wall stickers and 3D wall decorative items are quickly capturing a huge fan base among home owners. The reason for this popularity is convenience, lower costs and ease of maintenance. 3D and other wall stickers are basically made from high grade vinyl and come in a massive range that caters to people from all walks of life. These wall stickers can be used conveniently on any of your home wall and can be deployed without hiring any extra hand whatsoever. In fact, setting up these wall stickers is fun and you can do it along with your family and friends.

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Sick Of Your Dull Living Room? Try These Tips for Revitalized Living Room Decor!

Image Credit: http://freshome.com/2010/05/27/26-wonderful-living-room-design-ideas/

Unlike your entryway design and accent (where you have to ensure color combinations with décor artifacts), you are free to innovate, play and be as creative as you please with your drawing room interiors. However, while you are being experimental, it is important to make sure that things don’t go berserk.Our last write up was regarding sprucing up your home’s entryway décor in order to create a positive and everlasting impression on your guests. And what comes next? Yes, you guessed it right; your drawing room or living room. Your drawing room / living room is the space where your guests dwell more than you actually do. And in order to ensure that your guests keep engaged and mesmerized by your decorating sense; it is important to lay extra hard emphasis while you are perking up the interiors of your drawing room.

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