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All About Enamel Painting and Its Origin

Enamel paints are the paints that the air dries to a solid, opaque finish. The term “Enamel Paint” itself does not have a generally accepted definition, but through the course of history it has been readily used to define any type of paint with distinctively glossy finish. However, due to the recent rise in popularity of latex and water based paints, “enamel paint” has thus evolved to refer to a type of paint that is hard surfaced with a very high gloss finish.

To be technically precise, the terminology “enamel paint” actually defines a colored shiny substance that merges to the surface of metal, glass or pottery for decoration or protection. Enamel paints are largely of two types: the first one being alkyd resin based and the second having been created by adding varnish to oil based paint. Making use of enamel paints to finish paintings has been quite a common practice throughout the ages.

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