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Fernando Botero : A World Renowned Figurative Artist

Birth and Early Life

Fernando Botero Angulo is a Columbian artist and sculptor who has amassed great fame and has been a world renowned figurative artist for well over 3 decades. He was born in the city of Medellin, which is also the second largest municipality in Columbia on April 19, 1932. Fernando had a tough childhood as his family struggled to make ends meet; his father David Botero rode on horseback and was a salesman, while his mother Flora Angulo was a seamstress.

David Botero died when Fernando was only 4 years old and the little family looked towards their mother as their sole financial support. From then on, Botero’s uncle supported the family and paid for Fernando to be sent to a matador’s school for 2 years. Fernando had initially been isolated from the more mainstream art genres as presented in cultural institutions and museums. The young boy was instead influenced by the Baroque sculpture styles of the rich city life and early colonial churches.

By the time he was 16 years old, Fernando Botero had already published his first mainstream illustrations for the daily El Colombiano paper’s Sunday supplement. The money earned from these publications was used to pay the high school fees which Botero attended at the Liceo de Marinilla de Antioquia. It was during this time that his paintings were first exhibited in 1948.

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Abstract And Contemporary Art : Paintings That Connects To Your Heart

What is Abstract and Contemporary Art?

Abstract Art in its most basic form is the modern take classical artistic expression form like Expressionism, Impressionism, and Romanticism. In fact, abstract art as we have come to know it today almost didn’t exist until the late 19th century. It had been experimented on by classical artists in the 17th and 18th century, but it had not yet been recognized as a distinct practice that could capitalize as a separate art entity in itself.

Broadly speaking, when we talk about abstract art, we also mention Figurative and Non-Figurative art. But there are subtle differences between these three art forms and a sweeping generalization is not so easily explained. It is prudent therefore to consider Abstractionism in art as being fundamentally different from these other 2 categories. In fact, we may even say that Abstract Art is totally different in the sense that artists aim to deliberately distort their depictions of seemingly random and ordinary things.

This deviation of reality is what makes Abstract art so popular and unique. Depending on the level of abstractionism we divide this art in to two categories; Fauvism and Cubism. If the paintings depict a partial deviation from reality then it is termed as Fauvism whereas complete deviation is Cubism. Thus we can conclude that abstract art never really strives to create artistic brilliance in the form of realism (as was the case in classical art) but rather there are a whole horde of potential subjects that can be addressed through Abstract Art.

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Top 10 Valuable Crafts That Have Been Stolen

The world of arts and craft are bereft with highly valuable creations from popular artists and sculptures. These valuable paintings and the like are showcased at some of the world’s leading art museums as well as private collections; many people are enthusiastic collectors since the possession of any one of such notable works exude a certain class or elite of the owner and says a lot about his personality.

While collectors may adopt the legal process of acquiring a historically significant painting or artifact by paying the millions of dollars it costs, there are some who prefer stealing.

Historically, there have been significant paintings that were stolen at some time and remained unseen for many decades afterwards, but a majority of paintings resurface after a few years; mostly on the black market, in private collections, or the authorities recover it.

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What is Digital Art


What is Digital Art?

When an artistic creation is developed, created or formulated with the use of a computer or any other digital technology then that creation is referred to as digital art. The interesting thing about this area is that it combines the expertise of art with the scientific fields of technology, science and math together.

When you do a drawing on a piece of paper but get it scanned on the computer and modify it in any form then it becomes a part of the digital art category. This includes modifying photographs, creating 3D art scenes or characters etc.
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Looking to Decorate Your Entryway With Art?

Learn to Dazzle Your Visitors With Beautiful Art Work

Here are some great ideas!

“First Impression is the last impression “is a well known saying that stands true for most of the cases. And when it is about home décor; the saying stands its ground without any alteration whatsoever. Your entryway (the walk-in corridor) is the first place your guests or visitors will come across once they enter your home. Therefore it is extremely important to ensure great entryway décor and accent that will leave a positive everlasting impression on the on-lookers.

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