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Canvas Art And Canvas Prints And Paintings

Canvas Prints and Paintings

Canvas art is an emerging modern trend that takes us back to the deepest roots of art; when painting on canvases made out of cloth and patchwork. A canvas print is basically a mass reproduction of notable paintings on canvases instead of conventional paper. There are many reasons why canvas printing has become a common practice now and is generally preferable over conventional paper prints. The main reason for this is due to the fact that canvas art and canvas prints are closer to the real painting than any paper reproduction can ever hope to be. While paper prints are usually smooth to touch and can easily be damaged, canvas prints use a plotter to print the painting on a piece of canvas (much like the original).

So in a way, this canvas print offers you the same textures as the original painting and what’s more, this is definitely going to look a quite bit more convincing on your wall than any paper copy could even hope to ever be. Canvas prints do not mean that you can only choose from a selected variety of pre-prepared prints; you can even scan your favorite posters and have them printed too.

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