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Perks of Buying Art Online

The cyber world has brought along with itself some unleashing perils that are jeopardizing our young generation, but it also does introduce numerous pleasant solutions to humans’ problems in a whimsically bizarre way. It has made lives so easier that not only you can earn money by sitting at home but you can order contrasting objects via your fluent cyber network. This also catered chances to people who are interested in art – be it painting, sculptures, photography or any other sort, you’re favorites are just a click away now. Since we deal with art, here we have assembled some of the actualities that are quite perquisites for those who are looking for art to decorate their home or just collecting pieces as a mere hobby.

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Pablo Picasso: The Only Spanish Mastermind from the 20th Century

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth – Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso, the name itself is vigorous enough to take us all into Déjà vu. The Spanish artist was considered to be devastatingly famous figure of the 20th century in the world of art. No other artist during that time had such massive audience and critics following like Picasso. Not a single movement that took place during Picasso’s life passed by without taking inspiration from his collaboration in Cubism. Hence, there is hardly anyone around the globe who has not heard of his name or existence.  Not just that, the number of pieces he had colluded for art in a short lifespan was enough to fill a great part of the art gallery around the world. Whatever form of art movement was held, Picasso was always the first to be a part of it. His explicit style and way of communication through his work was the main source of his success.

The Origin of Spanish’s Great Artist

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in the region of Malaga in Spain on 25th of October, 1881. Since many great artists were scratched from this very land, Pablo Picasso was one of them. His arrival into this world not only gifted art a distinct painter, but a sculpture, a stage designer, and a graphic designer as well. His versatility was what made him among the most influential public figure of his time. By the age of only 15, this talented veteran got admission in advanced classes of the Royal Academy of Art in the city of Barcelona. His teachers were proud and awestricken, all at the same time when they first explored the hidden yet out of this world talent. The distinct quality appeared in his early work, comprised “The Old Woman”, which was considered as one of his achievements during his early times. He spent majority of his life’s years in Paris, from 1904 to 1947, as it was his favorite city and a place that influenced him to paint.

Pablo Picasso: The Only Spanish Mastermind from the 20th Century2

Periods of Picasso’s Work

With great artists come great experiences. Pablo Picasso’s life is filled with so many colors and variations that historian later categorized his lifespan into different periods. There were phases where Picasso glued to certain themes and gestures that were entirely differ from some of his other work. During the 1901-1904, comes the Blue Period, in which the main focus of Picasso was to highlight the darkness, somberness, and mediocrity of his surroundings. This period contains more blues and blacks in his expressions.  After that Rose Period began, which was embodied with more vivid colors and euphoric themes, however, it lasted for two years only. This was the period when Picasso hauled in to sculpture making and allowed many other artists at that time to visit his gallery of paintings in France.

Innovative Style and Gifted Approach

By the year of 1920, Picasso interest did a fine shift towards classic themes and gigantic monumental nudes, and his pieces became more like interpreters that were majorly reminiscent of the past sadistic happenings. In 1937, when Guernica was bombarded with massive explodes, Picasso took hold of his paint brushes and pictured an anguishing movement, which not only added more glamour to his gallery but also became a way via which he promulgated how badly he hated wars. The Guernica painting is the compelling political painting in the contemporary art and emulate with the sort of Mexican paintings done by Diego Rivera. Later, many more masterpieces of Picasso came up front, which includes Naked Woman on the Beach and Shovel, and The Rape of the Sabine Women.

The reason why Pablo Picasso left marks in the history is his distinct artistic approach towards nature and reality. He retaliated with best of his works whenever he was challenged during his time of art rule. The sudden shift in his sculptures, paintings, and graphic art never lost his targeted audience’s attention. Picasso died in France in April 1973, and by the time he left the world, staggering number of 22,000 pieces of his art work was discovered, which include sculptures, paintings, graphic designs, ceramics, mosaics, and stage art.

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In Acrylic Painting

In everyday life we hear people say that everybody makes mistakes. No one learns everything from their mother’s womb, so it’s impossible for people not to commit mishaps when entering into a new life or profession. Same goes to the painters who fall into the alluring category of art where people learn through colors and nature. So, if you are starting your career in Acrylic Painting, its far better to comprehend some of the common mistakes that people commit in painting. But never hesitate when you pick up your brush, because only mistakes can teach you and make you perfect.

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Beautiful World of Abstract Oil Painting

A painting for someone who doesn’t know about art must be nothing less than a canvas filled with colors, but those who breathe art, talk art, live art, and comprehend the hidden meanings behind the colors, patterns, themes, and style, perceived the definite message that the artist coded in his work. A newbie that steps into this mysterious world of painting should at least have the decency to engulf the aspiration and purpose this world holds. Only then interested newcomers can master and count themselves among their favorite painters like Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and many more. Art is built up of many tiny building blocks where each carries a significant value in itself, and abstract art is one of the foremost and pioneer pieces of this small puzzle.

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Paul Gauguin : A Visionary French Post-Impressionist

The remarkable Paul Gauguin was born on the 7th June in the year of 1848. He was a specialist when it came to the style of Post-Impressionist painting. He was very much interested in performing various experiments with his artistic style and that brought amazing outputs for the world to see. He also used to experiment with colors and led him to develop a modern style of art. The paintings reflected his own subjects which he wished to talk about. His main themes included the patristic side of the world and primitivism. Another strong contribution of his to the universe of art was his work with wood in the form engravings and cuts.


Born in the city of Paris, Gauguin belonged to a hardworking French family. His father was a journalist. The family decided to migrate towards Peru in the year 1851 during a tough political time. During that fateful journey, his father died. Gauguin was only a three year old when this sad incident happened in his life. The remaining family lived in Peru for a period of four years and after that they returned back to France.

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Canvas Art And Canvas Prints And Paintings

Canvas Prints and Paintings

Canvas art is an emerging modern trend that takes us back to the deepest roots of art; when painting on canvases made out of cloth and patchwork. A canvas print is basically a mass reproduction of notable paintings on canvases instead of conventional paper. There are many reasons why canvas printing has become a common practice now and is generally preferable over conventional paper prints. The main reason for this is due to the fact that canvas art and canvas prints are closer to the real painting than any paper reproduction can ever hope to be. While paper prints are usually smooth to touch and can easily be damaged, canvas prints use a plotter to print the painting on a piece of canvas (much like the original).

So in a way, this canvas print offers you the same textures as the original painting and what’s more, this is definitely going to look a quite bit more convincing on your wall than any paper copy could even hope to ever be. Canvas prints do not mean that you can only choose from a selected variety of pre-prepared prints; you can even scan your favorite posters and have them printed too.

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Paintings By Botticelli : An Insight Into The Italian’s Briliance

While Sandro Botticelli didn’t get to relish the perks of fame much during his lifetime, paintings by Botticelli came to be recognized as one of the high-flying elements of the Early Renaissance. A Florentine by origin, he is considered among the more educated artists of the Renaissance period. While they are many in numbers, we shall look at some of the more well-known paintings by Botticelli.

The Cestello Annunciation

This one (pictured above) is more commonly and frequently referred to as simply The Annunciation. Utilizing Tempera on Panel as the medium, it took close to 1 year for Botticelli to complete it after it was commissioned by the Church of Florentine Convent of Costello in 1489; the completion took place sometime in 1490. Currently available for viewing at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the original painting has “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee” from St. Luke’s Gospel (1:35) inscribed in Latin at the bottom. Continue reading

Buying Watercolor Flower Paintings And Oil Flower Paintings On The Web


The internet is a great place to buy paintings; or indeed anything these days. Online stores and auction houses operate round the clock and your desired products can be obtained with just a click of the button; the sheer variety is also bewildering and you can browse through literally thousands of watercolor paintings in a single store, let alone others.

Buying watercolor flower and oil flower paintings on the internet saves you from a lot of unnecessary fatigue if you were to go physically to an art gallery or print shops to select one; since this calls for you to dedicate many hours of your precious time and energy.

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Canvas Oil Paintings – Art Traditional Method For Centuries

Introduction to Canvas Oil Paintings

Oil painting is a traditional method of art that has been practiced for more than 8 centuries.  What differentiates this form of painting from other kinds of contemporary watercolor and dry painting techniques is the fact that it uses colored pigments that are bound in a continuously drying oil medium. This oil can be of a few types; but the ones used predominantly for most classical paintings have to be linseed and poppyseed oils. More rarely; some artists have also used safflower and walnut oils but to a lesser extent.

Usually the oil is responsible for acting like a varnish; that is, after drying it provides the paint a protective layer which also has a slight gloss to it. This gives oil paintings their distinctive look which is strikingly different from watercolors which appear to be matt finished with little or no gloss whatsoever.

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Catholic Baroque Comparison of Caravaggio and Rembrandt Paintings

What is Baroque Painting?

Baroque painting is a classical technique of oil painting that was practiced during the 17th and early 18th century artists and painters. Baroque painting is actually quite a broad term, which can be used to signify various painting niches that were prevalent during the 1600s. But there is consensus among art historians regarding the principle attributes that make Baroque art distinct from other forms of art that date from the same period.

The Baroque paintings are nearly always done in such a way so as to portray great drama, such as scenes of battle amidst high contrast lighting so the subjects get highlighted and there is an increased sense of urgency and energy in the whole depiction. Baroque artists use rich colors to accentuate their paintings with life and intense shadows. Another distinction between Renaissance and Baroque art is that the former is usually concerned with depicting scenes that precede some dramatic involvement, while the latter always depicts the scenes of drama as they are happening.

Some of the notable classical artists who painted in the Baroque style include Caravaggio, Rubens, Vermeer, Poussin, Rembrandt, and Velazquez.

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