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A Little About Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a French artist often credited as the founder of the impressionist painting genre. Monet was one of the foremost artists of his generation, and his first masterpiece titled “Impression, Sunrise” is often considered to be one of the most revolutionary works of its kind. Claude Monet was born in France, in the city of Paris, on November 14th 1840.

Monet’s Early Life In Paris

Monet’s infant years were spent in Paris. He was the second son of Adolphe and Louise Monet who were Parisians. He was baptised as Oscar Claude but his parents would call him only Oscar. Monet was born in a catholic family but he later embraced atheism. Monet’s family moved to Normandy in 1845 where his father had managed to set up a moderately successful grocery business, while his mother would go on to train as a singer. Claude was expected to join in on his father’s grocery business when he got older and thus help in expanding it, but Claude had cherished a deep passion for the arts since his early childhood. He really wanted to become a painter and showed great potential. Monet was thus admitted to the Le Havre secondary school for elementary studies in arts, needless to say he was an excellent student. Monet took to painting as a hobby, and in his school days he was forever coming up with charcoal caricatures and paintings that he would then sell in the market for around twenty francs.



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Top 10 Valuable Crafts That Have Been Stolen

The world of arts and craft are bereft with highly valuable creations from popular artists and sculptures. These valuable paintings and the like are showcased at some of the world’s leading art museums as well as private collections; many people are enthusiastic collectors since the possession of any one of such notable works exude a certain class or elite of the owner and says a lot about his personality.

While collectors may adopt the legal process of acquiring a historically significant painting or artifact by paying the millions of dollars it costs, there are some who prefer stealing.

Historically, there have been significant paintings that were stolen at some time and remained unseen for many decades afterwards, but a majority of paintings resurface after a few years; mostly on the black market, in private collections, or the authorities recover it.

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