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All You Need to Know About African Paintings

African Paintings: Precise Yet Enchanting History

Through thorough research, it is interestingly figured out that the first ever African paintings were seen in caves or on the faces rocks. They still exist in that unique form absolutely abstract in its own style. These paintings were explored for the very first time in Namibia centuries ago (approximately 27,000 years back). It is unbelievably surprising to know that around 30,000 paintings done on rocks are scattered throughout South Africa specifically in Drakensberg mountain range.

Undistinguishable Importance of African Art

Initially, the ancient Africans took advantage of this amusing art in order to reveal information, relate events, express everyday life and interact with their loved ones converted into spirits. Owing to the fact that these African paintings on rocks specially create a bond between the spiritual and physical realms serves as the greatest excitement to the readers. Therefore, the spectacular African paintings turned out to be monochrome representations of life, animals and people. With the passage of time, the art became modified by the addition of colors along with the utilization of animal and plants partsAfrican_Art_Tanzanian_Art

The Siren Virtual Language of African Paintings

Astonishingly, African art of 19th century was collected in curiosities. The Victorians looked at it as something extremely unpleasant and an expression known as “primitive culture” which was the work of heathens mostly called non-Christian. The entire work of art ended up in museums with biological and geological specimens. It is understood that this hateful attitude was changed at the arrival of artists such as Braque, Picasso and Vlaminck in twentieth century.

Highly Intriguing Wonders of Twentieth Century Artists

The renowned artists mentioned above started fascinating by introducing graphics accompanied with stylish and classy types of African sculpture. Due to the marvelous and appreciable efforts of these artists, African paintings in African art world lead to various modern movements of Art knowingly Cubism, Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism.

Striking Examples of the Miraculous African Art

In order to have a clear view about What the African Art is in real; let’s have a quick view of several examples concerning the major African artwork.

Splashy African Mask

African_Art_MasksAfrican people consider African mask as the best form of art. Inquisitively, any museum that displays African paintings is said to be incomplete without the most delightful sight of these beautiful masks designed by sub Saharan Africans. These attractive masks were produced from wood and they were presented in ceremonies. Unluckily, the old antique masks of that era do not exist to this present day.

Glorious Rock Paintings

The oldest and popularly known paintings are the rock paintings. As mentioned earlier, these paintings are estimated to be 30,000 in number designed delicately on the faces of rocks. For instance, the example of San (Bushmen) would fit perfectly in the given scenario. They eventually end up creating artwork depicting spirits in an extremely interesting and terrific way.

The Peculiar Terracotta Figures

terracatto figuresHistory of terracotta figures speaks of its production in various areas of Africa. These pleasing figures are stupendously constructed from clay. The object is created out of hand and then dried. Going way back in ancient times, these mind harassing figures were kept to dry in sun. After a couple of years, African people started drying terracotta figures in hearths. The mind blowing art of terracotta was not just restricted to West Africa. It will be amazing to acknowledge the reality of terracotta figures that in South Africa, seven terracotta heads were discovered in late 1950 s at Lydenburg. The sculptures dated from 500AD to 800AD.

How the African Art Influenced Modern Art

Let’s have a look at how African paintings influenced modern art

The Ultimate Amazement of Modern Artists

At the beginning of twentieth century, famous and honorable artists such Picasso, Derain, Modigliani and Matisse became mesmerized by the African paintings and set their journey to Trocadero museum in Paris. They simply wanted to embrace the unique styles and forms, capturing all that their eyes set upon. These fabulous artists recognized the perfection of African paintings with respect to abstraction, asymmetry by creating a balance and primitivism with delicacy of designs. They optimistically responded to this powerful and breathtaking expression and experienced a spiritual as well as mystical encounter. They kept bases the same and changed the meaning by inventing types related to Psychological and emotional areas blending them up in natural and relatable form.

The Unique World of Tingatinga African Art

The history of Tingatinga is as interesting as the name itself. All those art and crafts that are created under the banner of Tingatinga Cooperative (TACS) are termed as TingaTinga African Art. This company basically belongs to Tanzania. This organization was created by a family in the year 1990. This family promoted a particular kind of style in their artworks, which later on came out as a proper and distinct form of art.

Using Enamel Colors

The artwork of this genre utilizes special enamel colors. This is the most crucial requirement of all such masterpieces. Without the use of enamel colors you cannot even think of entering this genre of painting. Many of you might not be aware of enamel colors. Well, let us tell you that enamel colors are not the mainstream paints that artists use these days. These paints are particularly used with a distinctive technique; for instance, around the frames of a doorway or a window or on a metallic framework etc.

A Kind of Folk Art

This style is so unique that it cannot be replicated. The painting is created on a bright colored cloth termed as the ‘Maasai’. In such a way, two paintings of this style can never ever prove to be identically similar. This form of art is also used to bring awareness in the society. For instance, it has been used to make the locals aware about the problems caused by AIDS.

The Unique World of Tingatinga African Art2

Edward Saidi Tingatinga – Founder of This Form

This school of art was formulated by Edward Saidi who was born in the year 1932 in Tanzania. He used to paint square boards that used to be roughly the size of 60 by 60 inches in the locality of a market located in Dar es Salaam. He soon gained popularity among the locals because of his exquisite use of colorful and fancy creations of living creatures including both human beings and animals. After his death, his work continued to remain popular and soon enough, painters started adopting his methods and this led to the establishment of Saidi’s style as a benchmark in the world of art.

Global Admiration

This form has been receiving global love and admiration since a long time. Its innate uniqueness makes it even more attractive for the art lovers. Having such a unique piece of skill with such a deep history will definitely adorn your living area. So, if you are looking for some unique African artwork to purchase, you should definitely have a look at the amazing art-pieces available here.

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African Art: Another Milestone in the World Of Art

When the planet earth was gifted with art, many willing contributors thrived to stretch it out around the world by presenting diversifying colors and themes. Art, back then, was not merely based on a canvas and couple of paints; there was much more to it because for artists, art was always a source of imagination. When art became eminent, and massive number of artists emerged from different civilizations; art also began to divide into various categories. As artists painted down their innovative thoughts; they also opted to reflect the era and traditions they were belonged to, hence, the birth of different cultures initiated within art, and with that African Art also came into existence. African traditional art not only enhanced the history but also added up so many amazing works that no other culture could have crop up with.

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A Brief Introduction to African Wall Art

A bland and boring wall of your home isn’t an impressive sight if you want to make your home décor look great. You can stack up expensive artifacts and decoration items to create a great home décor accent, but leave out your walls might overshadow all your efforts. Some folks leave out their walls all together thinking that their focus should be on covering up the empty space in their home with decorative ornaments. This is nothing but decorative suicide! When it comes to decorating and beautifying your home, wall décor carries the key importance in setting up a decorative motif. Continue reading

Advantages of Decorating Your Home With Removable Wall Art Stickers

Wall stickers and 3D wall decorative items are quickly capturing a huge fan base among home owners. The reason for this popularity is convenience, lower costs and ease of maintenance. 3D and other wall stickers are basically made from high grade vinyl and come in a massive range that caters to people from all walks of life. These wall stickers can be used conveniently on any of your home wall and can be deployed without hiring any extra hand whatsoever. In fact, setting up these wall stickers is fun and you can do it along with your family and friends.

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Rejuvenate Your Home’s Wall Decor With African Wall Paintings And Batiks

Home décor is all about expression of your creative sense and taste. Since “home is where the heart is”, keeping your home’s interiors interesting, vibrant and organized beams out a great impression.  Although technology has made it easier for designers and interior decorators to get the stuff they need quickly and cheap, the importance of integrating real hand-developed art hasn’t lost its significance at all.  African art is one form that can be used extensively for wall décor. African art in the form of oil paintings and decorative sculptures is widely available and can be used to beef up the overall look and feel of any location within your home.

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Looking to Decorate Your Entryway With Art?

Learn to Dazzle Your Visitors With Beautiful Art Work

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“First Impression is the last impression “is a well known saying that stands true for most of the cases. And when it is about home décor; the saying stands its ground without any alteration whatsoever. Your entryway (the walk-in corridor) is the first place your guests or visitors will come across once they enter your home. Therefore it is extremely important to ensure great entryway décor and accent that will leave a positive everlasting impression on the on-lookers.

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