Students writing skills how to improve them

Writing is a sophisticated yet vital skill for all students to graduate college successfully. With everything in learning based on writing from exams, essays and assignments, it is essential for the writing skills to be impeccable. For teachers and professors, these role falls on them to ensure students improve their skills, they acquire new skills, and their writing becomes excellent by the time they graduate. One would ask, “How would I a professor improve the students’ writing skill?” Well, writers from recommend ones to follow these guidelines.

Make it clear to the students that you value good writing.

To improve students’ writing skills you have to demand it. Make it clear to the students that clear and well-thought-out writing will always rank higher; receive bonus points from you while poor and careless writing attracts penalization and endless re-writing. Therefore, encourage students to put a lot of effort to write expressing themselves in the different essays they are going to write, as you will value their effort.

Alter the mindset of the students

Despite the precise rules on what to expect in case of good or poor writing, sometimes it is not enough. Hence, you have to take the challenge of improving students’ writing as your responsibility. Thus, strive to motivate the students into excelling in writing by taking a softer and caring demeanor to explain to the students why writing is essential to their lives not only in school but also in the job market. For instance, it expands their thinking, it creates employment, and it makes life better in different ways.

Provide numerous writing exercises

Continuous practice of a particular skill leads to its improvement. You can alter the ordinary course of teaching by including writing exercises. Each day, ask students to write an essay with minimal words such as 250 words on a particular subject. The mixture of writing exercises with lecturing will give the students a chance to practice what they are learning, eliminate the fear of writing and develop a love for the task, leading to improved skills.

Provide sufficient guidelines in the writing process

Once you assign the students a particular assignment, take a short time to walk them through what you expect them to handle. You can use this opportunity to reiterate the importance of a well-thought-out paper and give general tips to achieve it. The most important aspects you should share with them are; the importance of making an essay outline, how to select a topic and how to make it specific and narrow. Also, how to critically analyze the topic, editing and ensuring the paper is plagiarism free.

Encourage the students to adopt continuous reading

Exceptional writers always boast of being keen readers. You should enlighten students about this by emphasizing on the importance of reading every day such as expanding your vocabulary, learning how to structure sentences and how to develop the flow of a paper and its impact on writing. You can opt to provide reading materials or a reading list with essays, poems and books that guide the students toward achieving this guideline.


Writing is not a God-given gift to all people thus, a difficult task for many students. Nevertheless, with practice over and over again, students can become better and with time produce excellent written papers.

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