Sick Of Your Dull Living Room? Try These Tips for Revitalized Living Room Decor!

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Unlike your entryway design and accent (where you have to ensure color combinations with décor artifacts), you are free to innovate, play and be as creative as you please with your drawing room interiors. However, while you are being experimental, it is important to make sure that things don’t go berserk.Our last write up was regarding sprucing up your home’s entryway décor in order to create a positive and everlasting impression on your guests. And what comes next? Yes, you guessed it right; your drawing room or living room. Your drawing room / living room is the space where your guests dwell more than you actually do. And in order to ensure that your guests keep engaged and mesmerized by your decorating sense; it is important to lay extra hard emphasis while you are perking up the interiors of your drawing room.

While you are 100% free to revitalize your drawing room décor with all sorts of decorations and interior goodies, these tips might come handy to keep a balance amid chic and swank.

The Essentials Of a Chic Drawing Room Decor

The first good step that you can take, for betterment of your drawing room décor, is to select a wall color that is in high contrast with your entryway theme. This means that when your entryway way color is striking bold, your drawing room colors should be soft, elegant and contemporary to offer “that” contrast. And if it is vice versa, then going with bold drawing room walls is a great idea. And no! You don’t have to repaint your walls because you read it here. In fact, you can easily use any cheap wall paper to do the deal.

Bye-Bye To Those Wall-Mounted Antiques; Say Hello To The Future!

Gone are the days when one had to spill a lot of cash on buying antiques and metal tapestries to bring that “awesome” and “catchy” look to the drawing room walls. Today, decorations are smarter and technology has made them affordable for all. Instead of using metallic or ceramic pots and cutlery on your drawing room walls (And using them is seriously out dated), it is advised to go for frameless oil paintings. These oil paintings are available on several online décor stores at fraction of a price than those hefty and outdated pots, pans, vases and tapestries. Using these paintings instead of ornaments has two distinct advantages. Number 1 is that they don’t require extra maintenance measures that are an essential prerequisite for other wall mounted decorations. And the second advantage is their enormous coverage span. For example, in the image below, you can note that how the sofa’s back wall has been effectively covered by an oil painting. That is the reason we say decorate smart, not hard ;)

Illuminating Matters!

You can also rejuvenate your drawing room by simply replacing the current lighting. Instead of utilizing high wattage lighting devices, it is advisable to go for low-wattage energy savers. The placement of these low-wattage bulbs carries significant importance. In case your drawing room walls are themed bold, then using lesser bright bulbs to create a mysterious aura is advised. It goes vice Versa if you are looking to light meek themed walls. If you believe that some corners of your living room are darker than others, then going for floor lamps, with matching wall lighting, in those areas is certainly advisable.


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More Impact With “Less” Around!

Some folks tend to make their drawing rooms a running stack of all the fancy décor items and antiques they have gathered in their life time. One thing that I’d like to stress on is to ensure minimalistic approach as making your drawing room a ware house of antiques will only help leaving a weird and bad impression. Yes, you can use those corner and side tables to display your profound belongings, but putting them everywhere in your living room is certainly a No-Go for sure. A minimalistic approach would be to accompany your drawing room seating patterns with wall décor flavors that entice the onlooker and leave an everlasting impression. A suitable pattern would be to place your bigger sofas facing each other with their backs complemented with 4 or 5 piece oil paintings. It is important to make sure that both paintings are different so that the walk-ins don’t feel monotony throughout. Also, if you are placing single sofas in parallel, then you can put up a combination of retro and antique wall mount mirrors to spice it all up.


The WOW Factor!

Last but not is the least is integration of the “WOW” factor in your drawing room décor. An example wow factor is to place an antique decorative storage trunk in a corner and fill up with shiny objects to give a “treasure box” look. You can also place some pirate goodies like swords and flags around to take it a step further. This will definitely create a unique experience for the onlookers. And if you don’t have resources to get trunks or tables, then a revolting Marilyn Monroe or African art oil painting can pretty much create the excitement as well.


The bottom line for drawing room décor and interior is to keep it simple, smart and chic. A combination of these three factors will not only make your drawing room lively but will also save you some of those Benjamins you can use elsewhere. In case you believe that we have missed a point (And I certainly believe we have since drawing room décor is a huge subject), please do share it with us in the comments section below.

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