The Incredible Art of Oil Painting for Famous Celebrities

Oil paintings of celebrities

The art of painting with oil is a relatively traditional and classical field still because the oil takes much time to dry and the whole process of using a lubricant for your artistic work involves a lot of hard work. In other words, this work of art is relatively slow and demanding when it comes in contrast to the modern day’s speedy world.

And it is because of this all classical aura around this field of art that even celebrities love to have their own oil based paintings to be made. Seeing this emerging admiration by the famous people, I thought of sharing some interesting information with our readers regarding this particular dimension of oil painting.

The Art of Painting a Celeb from a Photograph

Make your admiration for your favorite star immortal by painting them off from their photographs. Using a photo as a guide to your creation is a good idea for beginners particularly. It saves a lot of time as well because painting live people is a tiring and time-consuming task. Begin working on your artwork by first doing a rough sketch also known as ‘transparent underpainting’.

The tone value of this underpainting has to be kept equal to the shadow value of the person you are portraying from the photograph. Thus, it is important for you to have a detailed look of the photo you are about to paint beforehand. Once you are done with that, you may want to discard the lights and that can be done with the use of a rag easily.

Or if you want to dark the light parts out, you may always use paint for creating dark strokes. If you intend on creating an image with high detail and complexity then you should use a thinner layer of paint in the beginning, just like you do while using water colors.

The initial paint will set up the edges of the sketch and it will give an overview of what the composition will be all about. In the forthcoming layer you have to keep your focus on color and have to use the blocking technique upon the local colors according to the value of the colors in the photograph. The point is to insert all the big colors needed into the creation.

You can insert the finer details in it later. If you are worried that your oil after drying might make things dull in the creation that you can use a translucent layer of paint upon them which are combined with Oleogel mixed with a bit of water. This will also aid in fusing the colors together in a one whole. You can add in more layers of paint if you want the creation to be more in detail. Remember to make consistent use of translucent layer because it adds a realistic look to the face and skin of the portrait.

Normally, the background of a portrait contains one to two layers while the front ground can contain four to six layers. Famous Personalities in Oil Paint Seeing celebrities painted in oil gives their persona an immortal look, it feels as if their legacy has been reserved in that painting forever. This amazing feeling is generated by only the classy sense bestowed by oil paintings only.

Famous celebrities are time and again painted in lubricant by various painters. Here we are sharing some dazzling illustrations of some renowned people of the world:

Hand-painted classic wall art of Maliyn Monroe smiling face

Audrey Hepburn Oil Paintings

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