Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In Acrylic Painting

In everyday life we hear people say that everybody makes mistakes. No one learns everything from their mother’s womb, so it’s impossible for people not to commit mishaps when entering into a new life or profession. Same goes to the painters who fall into the alluring category of art where people learn through colors and nature. So, if you are starting your career in Acrylic Painting, its far better to comprehend some of the common mistakes that people commit in painting. But never hesitate when you pick up your brush, because only mistakes can teach you and make you perfect.

Rushing – Not Observing Subject

No great painter in the history had ever created a masterpiece within a day or two. The reason is not their lousiness, but the fact that they observed their subjects carefully. Before setting a goal and picking up your subject, it is must to take an in depth look at it, from every corner and every angle. People often mistake in observing their subjects, which ultimately result in failure or unattractive artwork.

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In Acrylic Painting 2

Don’t Copy – Let the Imaginations Run Down the Canvas

There is a common misconception in the newbies that they can only be fascinating painters if they know the art of creating their subject as it is, which is utterly wrong. Painters like Da Vinci and Claude Monet became renowned around the globe because they never held back to express their excitement and emotions on the canvas. Painting is not copy pasting or creating replicas,it is the art of presenting a subject how you see it, not how it looks like.

Same goes to those who prefer copying their favorites. It is normal to have a role model in life, and it is indeed normal to follow in your mentor’s footsteps, but it certainly is not normal if you copy their work. Admiring someone’s work and copying it are two completely different scenarios. Remember, what you create is original, and what you copy is nothing less than a shame to your profession.


Avoid Repetition – Stop Being Monotone

Another huge flaw that many new painters have is that they show same patterns and themes in their every single painting. Changing colors does not mean that you can hide the repetition of patterns; there is a word called creativity that lacks in your work, and your job is to bring it into your painting in a way that people will find it appealing, and that can only be done if you stop being monotone and bring some new concepts and imaginations in the market. If you are investing your time on making landscape again, it should be different from the one you have created previously.


Afraid of Using Enough Paints

Often beginners scare to reload their brushes with paints because they think putting enough amounts of paints on the canvas will ruin their paintings, which is quite wrong. Make a stroke, wait a while, and then reload your brush with paint again. Using just a tiny bit of glob of paint is not a smart way. Use it wholeheartedly and avoid scrubbing and staining your canvas with excessive paint too.

Compromising On the Quality of Art Supplies

It’s alright that you are new, but it’s not alright to buy cheap art products just to hit your first painting in the market. Remember, the art experts can easily judge the quality of efforts and paints that have been put in the painting, so don’t be such a miser and invest enough money for good quality products. Same goes for brushes’ buying, because a fine brush can go a long way.



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