How To Make An Abstract Art Painting

Painting Abstract art is not as easy as it looks; it requires a huge amount of imagination and a certain perception of the objects you wish to paint, they could be nature, music, poetry , your 4th grade crush, a break up, your mother in law and how they all can make you feel and react.

Abstract art is all about expressing your vision of reality. It’s about showcasing how you see the world around you and make it flow onto the canvas like orderly chaos. It’s completely different from simply drawing. For example, if you have say, a vase in front of you. It’s more like painting the shape and the feeling of the vase and how it would look if you closed your eyes and blurred out the lines, and simply drew the random shapes and filled them out with designs, making them explode and come to life.

Of course you could just pick up a paint brush and massacre the canvas into a frenzy of insane colors. Or maybe throw water balloons at it. Or even ride on it with a bicycle with wheels covered in oil paint.

No seriously people have done that and produced priceless pieces of art!

Though, for the normal human like you and I, painting an art piece like that requires the following:

A Canvas:

You can buy one any size you like, a smaller one is recommended for beginners, try priming the canvas for quick drying of the paint. Or look at the picture below to get an idea what a canvas is like.



Acrylics are easy to use, and they dry fast, meaning you can add as many layers to your piece as you want. Remember to always pick basic colors and practice mixing them in a palette so you don’t accidentally end up with something that looks like vomit on fire.



As a beginner, you will need the kind of brush that you feel good to hold; there a lot of brushes available that allow different kind of strokes, recommended are a flat and a round brush for filling in and drawing out lines. Also buy an easel so you can experiment mixing colors.


Now the fun part begins. the part where you choose what to draw.
Like I said before, it is totally up to the artist with what he/she wants to express.
But to make things easier, we always start with something all around us: Nature.

The trick is to observe, reflect, feel, and then produce.

When you have chosen your inspiration, the time comes to play Picasso and get funky with the paints.

  • First step is always covering the canvas with your base coat so no white shows.
  • It is easier to choose a certain color that dominates the painting.
  •  When you have painted your chosen color, play with it, shade it, smudge it, and let your thoughts run wild.
  • Add the shapes and the ideas you want to express, but the first layers have to dry first.
  • The brush strokes give the painting strength and softness as well as the flow of color.
  •  Add on different colors like yellow and red to make the shapes pop out and come to life.
  • This is the important part, once you feel the painting is done, you have to stop. Drop the paint brushes and everything. Don’t overdo it.

Voila! Your art work is complete you Picasso, you!

Remember, practice makes the work better, abstract art is always a signature of the person making it, every artist has his/her unique style, it’s all you and all your thoughts in colors on that canvas, and no two paintings are ever the same.

Trick is to have fun and be fearless. Let yourself free.

You’d be surprised at what you can do.

Happy painting!

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