On a Budget? Decorate Walls With Inexpensive 3D Wall Art

In the past few posts, we have been emphasizing on integrating art to your home décor for a revamped outlook. However, today we have planned to go a bit different! Art doesn’t come cheap and good hand painted art is even more expensive. You might long for some great art pieces to decorate and chic your walls, but most of the times they’ll fall out of your budget. The idea of this post isn’t to let you down by taking art décor away; instead we are committed to providing you great tips on wall décor on budget.

The first thing you need to understand is that home decoration can be done by keeping a balance between expensive and not-so-expensive commodities. For instance, you can place some African art paintings in your living room and entryway (and in places where first time visitors galore), but in your bedroom, TV lounge and study; you can easily get away with 3D Art decoration items that don’t cost you much.

Of course “getting away” doesn’t mean that you compromise on the decorative quality and aesthetics. However, there is a myriad of cheap yet exclusive decorative 3D Art goodies that can help perk up the overall décor accent of your place.

So let’s get started with decorating your walls on a budget!

To start off decorating your walls on a budget, the first step is to ensure that your walls are clean and presentable. IF that is not the case, then instead of going for a complete wall repainting, opt for a low priced wall paper that matches with your current home décor accent. Wallpapers cost far less than enamel painting and are relatively easier to maintain and clean.

Once you are done with inspecting and maintaining your walls, the next step is to buy 3D Wall art online in order to maximize your savings.  There are countless online stores selling 3D wall art items, but we’ll suggest using this one for immediate delivery and exceptional customer care. For starters, you can go with 3D circle wall stickers to revamp your TV lounge, sitting area, study and kitchen walls. These 3D decoration items will cost your under USD 15 and will deliver a sense of virtually unlimited satisfaction. Below are some images that explain the use of these 3D wall stickers in various capacities.

After you are done setting up these stickers on various walls in your home, now is time to decorate your bedroom with inexpensive 3D art. 3D PVC vinyl decals might be your natural choice for your bedroom décor on a budget. You can freely use these 3D vinyl decals around your bedroom to match the room décor. But how much does it cost? Well, we aren’t sure for how much you’ll get these decals at your local home decoration store (provided they stock these), but from here you’ll get these decals under $ 10 / set.

Similarly, you can use 3D wall art variations in your kids’ bedrooms and study area. The bottom line is that decorating your walls with 3D wall art decoration stickers and decals is the best option if you are on a really tight budget. So happy decorating!

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