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“First Impression is the last impression “is a well known saying that stands true for most of the cases. And when it is about home décor; the saying stands its ground without any alteration whatsoever. Your entryway (the walk-in corridor) is the first place your guests or visitors will come across once they enter your home. Therefore it is extremely important to ensure great entryway décor and accent that will leave a positive everlasting impression on the on-lookers.

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Putting it together psychologically, your first time visitors or guests start creating an impression of your home décor and aesthetic sense once they pass through the entryway corridor.

Choosing Between ‘Classical Vs. Contemporary’ Art Approach

So how exactly do you make sure that your entryway décor is the one that really impresses your guests?

Before moving ahead, it is important to understand the distinction between classical and contemporary décor forms. Classical home décor, also referred as traditional decoration, is a home decorative accent that intends to bring back traditional aura of renaissance or post-modern English home decorative art. Bold colors, antique, classical and bold oil painting and metal wall-mount ornaments are some of the key components used in transforming a decorative flavor to classical and / or traditional.

On the contrary to classical home accents and decorative flavors, the contemporary home décor is basically modern, cold and minimalistic approach towards decorating your home or office. Modern metal sculptures, vases, oil painting and standalone mirrors are some unique characteristics of contemporary decorative art.

The trick to trade is simple!

In case you have a narrower or smaller entryway, then it is always advised to create a bigger impact by painting your walls with bold colors while complimenting it with wall decorations such as antique metallic tapestries or African art paintings etc. The implementation of this combination for smaller entryways is pretty logical since you don’t have much room to lineup the wall sides with accent or antique furniture items such as tables or dressers.

For modern entryways, that are spicier, usage of contemporary art and décor is the necessity. Since the entryway is already broad, the “high impact” phenomenon (that we used for smaller or narrower entryways), is covered by the grandeur and space of the corridor. In order to compliment this space, all you need is lighter contemporary wall colors; preferably wallpaper, along with some wall-mount modern art paintings and decorative mirrors. Also, if the space of your entryway allows, you can line the side of your walkway with natural plants in decorative vases.

In the aforementioned paragraphs, we have decided two things. The number 1 is that if you have a small or narrow entryway then using bold paint or wallpaper on the walls might help in creating a bigger impression or impact on the onlookers. And for wider entryways and corridors, contemporary wall design with lighter colors and brighter oil paintings help in achieving the “perked up and chic” entryway title.

Although we have nicely summed up your entryway decorations, the whole classical and contemporary home décor theory is nothing without practice. Here are some practical examples of decorating the entryway handpicked from various sources from the Internet in order to provide you a better idea of entryway décor aesthetics:

Working With the Classical Finesse

Image Credit: http://bit.ly/KzJYFK 1

The image is an accurate depiction of decorating a narrow entryway with a classical approach. Since pure classical entryways are out of fashion these days, so we can notice the presence of a contemporary table and chair complemented with a dark metal sculpture on table top. The background has been painted bold pink with an 18th century mirror design along with antique lamp support on both sides. The whole setup is a dramatic approach to foyer setup and is commonly used in homes with an entryway leading to stairs.

Accenting With Contemporary Inventiveness

The stairs, in this case are a combination of white and black that again brings a contemporary touch while keeping the wall classically bold colored. In our humble opinion, a better approach in this scenario would be dark painted stair case lined with classical or African art oil paintings. All in all, it’s a great approach to create that “first impression” with a mixture or classical and contemporary features along with adding drama by placing the designed vase with off shooting plant. (Image Credit:

The entryway shown in this image is an example of modern home décor. In this case, the décor artist has cleverly used African art forms with neutral white and black shades to give a refreshing ambiance to the whole vicinity. The placement of the chair is also noticeable along with the backdrop of a divider oil painting portraying matching colors with the zebra rug. We certainly believe that there is still need of improvement and the whole accent could be revitalized by adding some African art flavor such as African Ceremony Art Batix Painting shown below:

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In case you are on a budget, then the entryway decoration posted above might help you in setting up the tone right. Instead of bold red, you can easily switch to aqua blue color while keeping the furniture white. The walkway rug is something that needs some extra attention. Instead of using striped multi color rug, the best suited option would have been a pure blue or red rug that would have easily mixed with the surrounding. Also, the presence of sitting bench isn’t helping the décor. We propose removing the bench and replacing it with some nice plants eloquently placed in white painted pots. Another addition to this scenario can be addition of why is a cold sore herpes a sexy Marilyn Monroe painting in black and white. Like the one shown below:

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If your entryway is a stairway landing, then this design might help you in getting the basics of staircase entryway décor. What you can see in this picture is pure wooden paneling customize with glass in order to give a 100 % contemporary look to your entryway decorations. The photographs posted on the first landing in brown containment basically give very subtle and unique look to the whole scenario.
The idea of posting these photographs is great since any newcomer in your home will spend a minute or two admiring them. If you want your entryway to gather even more attention, then replacing these photographs with divided oil painting, such as the one provided below, might help a lot.

In the end, it all depends on your own aesthetic sense. The samples provided here are only meant to provide you with a brief guideline regarding nice looking entryways. Since entryways are meant to create huge impressions, experimenting with classical, contemporary and antique accents might help in achieving the perfect combination.

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