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Personal Narrative:

Have students write a paragraph that tells about a time they helped a friend or family member.


Grades K–2: Art/Language Arts
Personal Outline

With the aid of older students or adults, trace the students’ bodies on long lengths of paper. Then have the students decorate the shapes by the addition of facial details and clothing. Students can use colored markers or, if available, real pieces of fabric. Have the learning students dictate or write stories about themselves to accompany their silhouettes. Students also can label body parts.

Grades K–1: Social Studies
On the market Where I Live

Students will enjoy identifying specific characteristics of their own neighborhoods and sharing the details using their classmates.

Grades K–2: Language Arts

Have each student come up with a “me” bag including toys that are favorite other personal objects (sports item, trophy, doll, book, and so forth) which have special importance. Then have a “me” presentation day by which students show and discuss the significance of the things with classmates.

Grades K–2: Language Arts

Show students a number of famous self-portraits. Then have students study themselves in a mirror and create their self-portraits that are own. Each student can dictate or write important facts on his or her picture.

Grades K–2: Language Arts/Art
An account of your respective Own

As students grow up they find out more about themselves together with people around them. Have them create their very own books that are personal. You might keep the books in a classroom library for students to see.

Grades K–2: Science

Have a class discussion on individual physical differences, such as for instance hair and eye color, height, and right- and left-handedness. Explain that while many people could have certain characteristics in accordance, everyone has a unique set of fingerprints. Make fingerprints of some or your entire students, using a stamp pad (the type that is washable and paper. Have the learning students examine the fingerprints closely to see how they are different. Provide magnifying glasses if at all possible.

Grades K–2: Social Studies
Role Drawings

Students will build up a much better appreciation of this roles they fill in their loved ones and community by showing a few of the different aspects of their lives. Have the students draw pictures to share with classmates.

Grades K–2: Art
Us to a Tee

Have the essay writers students use their skills that are artistic create Me-shirts that express something important about themselves.

Grades K–2: Social Studies/Mathematics
Capsule Bio

Have the students record and graph information about themselves as well as the class to be a part of an occasion capsule. At the conclusion of the have the students open the capsule to see how they have changed year.

Grades K–2: Art
Me in Pictures

Students may have fun making personal collages representing things they consider important.

Grades K–2: Art/Social Studies
Classroom “Squares”

Have students share special events from their classmates to their lives by making a classroom quilt.

Grades K–2: Language Arts

The “stars” and role models in your students’ lives tend to be their personal friends, family members, teachers, and classmates. Have the students compliment these special people by collecting their autographs.

Grades 1–2: Science
Measuring Up

Provide the students a length of string, yarn, or rope to assess the length, width, and circumference of different body parts. Challenge the students to get similarities and differences in the measurements they make.

Grades 1–2: Art/Social Studies
Personal Dates

With the help of an adult student, friend, or family member, have the students create personal calendars of special dates for the people that are special their lives.

Grades 1–2: Social Studies/Art
Collect Them All!

All of the big-league players have them. Your students can, too. Have the students create personalized trading cards to keep or share with their friends.

Grades 1–2: Social Studies
Birthday Pages

Have your students create pictures to celebrate themselves and their birthdays.

Grades 1–2: Social Studies
A of Virtues year

Have your students create a calendar illustrating character that is positive.

Grades 1–4: Language Arts
Pleased to Meet You!

Have students get to know their new classmates and then write acrostic poems about their new friends.

Grade 2: Language Arts
“Me” Word Finds

Have students find “All About Me” words hidden in a puzzle.

  • All About Me (PDF file)
  • All About Me Answer Key (PDF file)
Grade 2: Language Arts
Words Within a Word

Have students observe how many words they can get in the word “myself” (“my,” “self,” “me,” “fly,” “yes,” “elf,” “elm,” “elms”).

Grade 2: Social Studies
A Personal Welcome!

Put your students to your workplace as a team. Have them create a “welcome book” to help students that are new at ease also to express personal views of their school and themselves.

Grade 2: Social Studies/Math
Similar and Different

Have students explore the ways that these are typically similar and various from each other.

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