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Therefore be carefull, Tahir Ure is just a love rat. He could be simply turkish gigolo, he pretending love, he tell u sweet words merely to get ur cash. And then he could possibly be dangerous for u and ur household.

Hello! I’m from Norway, I’m 18 and got a turkish boyfriend. He’s 20 and from Istanbul, temporary employed in Alanya where he was met by me for two months ago. I’ve been really insecure concerning the relationship from time one, because I didn’t intend on falling in love whenever I had been down there, this mostly due to the rumors concerning the Turkish dudes down here having new girls and ladies each night. For me when I was down there to begin with, I tried to keep my distance because I was afraid to get hurt so it was just a casual summer flirt. I was asked by him out for breakfast, so when we went out for eating, he declined us to pay money for any such thing. He came across my parents and asked my for my father’s permission to head out he never kissed me or was too clingy around my family with me, and. We were out one night were he worked and I also danced with a few other Turkish students, I’ve never seen thereforeme guy so jealous before. It was two months that he was going to cut the contact, I was so sure even though I had fallen for him since I leaved, and I thought. Continue reading