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With regards to creating a safe area for the BDSM system to grow, there are some items that need certainly to take place.

there has to be a safe location for kinksters to speak about their lifestyle and seek guidance, help, and training without concern with general public publicity. There has to be a place that respects the necessity of consent and allows for folks to talk about consent publicly violations in ways that discourages predators from leaping between communities, or preying on susceptible events (as we’ve seen with Jian Ghomeshi). There must also be an area that, as a website of experience of the wider community, keeps transparency when it comes to safety breaches along with other leakages. Fetlife has failed to offer the grouped community with this particular room, regularly neglecting to protect people’ privacy, as well as earnestly preventing victims of punishment inside the community from red-flagging their abusers to many other users on the website. Continue reading