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Linking apartment ethernet jacks. I am pretty inexperienced with networking so just how would that set-up work?


I recently relocated into a brand name brand new apartment complex and realized that We have 3 separate coax+ethernet outlets across the apartment. My modem is within the office as well as the present set-up is coaxmodemroutercomputer in one single space but i do want to run a difficult line system link with my xbox as a result of wifi signal that is poor. There’s an ethernet outlet right next to your xbox but absolutely absolutely nothing occurs when I link it having an ethernet cable.

We decided to go to the utility closet and also this is really what i discovered:

From the thing I can inform i’ve a splitter for the coax cables that get to every for the 3 coax outlets across the apartment and you can find a number of ethernet cables with all the male comes to an end lacking. Can there be a real means for me personally to obtain the ethernet ports working?


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