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Where White People Meet, the controversial brand brand brand new site that is dating explained

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The Where White People Meet dating website. Where White Individuals Meet

A used-car mogul from Utah has created each one blatantly racist dating internet site or one exceedingly calculated effort to rile our collective outrage.

Sam Russell could be the mastermind that is 53-year-old Where White People Meet, a dating website whose name describes its purpose. Though anybody can join Russell’s web site, its exclusionary name and focus that is apparent irked lots of people on the net. But Russell does not think he is being racist.

” the very last thing in the globe we have always been is racist. We dated a woman that is black, ” Russell told the Washington Post. “we simply think it is hypocrisy to express ‘one team may do this, but another can’t. ‘”

The “groups” Russell is referring to would be the audiences that are primary dating web sites like Ebony People Meet or JDate — which enable users in order to connect with black colored and Jewish singles (correspondingly). Russell’s views and remarks have fueled outrage that is internet to the level that just just what he is doing feels a bit like performance art; he might also be saying stereotypically racist what to incite anger and draw more awareness of their site.

Do white individuals need Where White individuals Meet?

The reason why folks are dealing with the dating internet site is that there does not be seemingly a need for this. Continue reading