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Why He’s Nevertheless Solitary: Research Reveals Causes Men Avoid Relationships

Luckily, and all of it the dating discussion with a handful of concerns to get solitary guy looking older girl. Theories abound for why more dudes are solitary than ever before, but why don’t you go right to the supply it self? Enter male that is single users, a web-native team whoever privacy can provide itself to maintaining it genuine. Single men, relating to these redditors that are select aren’t single by option. Instead, they stay alone themselves deficient in one or more areas — and unable to otherwise compensate because they find.

On the web research that is dating

Scientists in the University of Nicosia in Cyprus recently examined almost 6,800 reactions to a Reddit post that asked males why these were solitary, hoping to better understand just why therefore a lot of men stay bachelors. The scientists discovered 43 reasons that are major staying solitary, with unwelcome real and personality characteristics leading the pack.

Menelaos Apostolou, the study’s lead author, notes just exactly how substandard physical characteristics — poor looks, lacking height, being bald — had been most regularly mentioned into the thread as a cause for remaining solitary. Such reactions from discouraged users included, “Cause i’m ugly as f**k and have now been cursed with awful genetics,” or, “Being under 6′0″ means i will be invincible sic to women.”

Lacking self- confidence ended up being additionally often mentioned, as had been possessing bad social abilities. “Confidence is key, and I′m locked down,” wrote one Redditor.

“My IQ drops to about 40 whenever we communicate with ladies,” added another.

A substantial percentage of participants stated they just weren’t thinking about a severe relationship — or at the very least wouldn’t be prepared to help with your time and effort — while the same quantity stated they’d been deterred by past bad experiences. Continue reading