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8. Question them about any of it. Ask them if they’re on dating apps, explain your part, and attempt to believe whatever they state.

There was actually no better method than handling your issues than simply being truthful about any of it along with your partner. You may already be given the answer you were dreading… but many of times, you’ll discover you worried for nothing if they respond with a lot of defensiveness.

9. Contact the device business

Some phone organizations will give you phone logs to share-holders in the account. Dependent on exactly just exactly what information they are able to launch, you will get call history, app use percentages, or even texting. Calling your provider and describing the specific situation and having those logs and documents will get one to the base of the secret, nonetheless it may actually disturb your lover if they’re innocent.

10. Hire a detective. If things get actually bad, you might need outside help.

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