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Are Ukrainians More Afraid Of Us Americans Than They Are Of Russians?

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U.S. And Russian flags. A reddit that is one-year-old resurfaces and shows the way the U.S. Is more. + worrisome towards the world than Russia. Perhaps the Ukrainians think therefore! But there is however one major caveat. (Shutterstock)

Not long ago (like five years ago), Ukrainians were more concerned about the U.S. Wreaking havoc to them together with remaining portion of the globe than they certainly were about those sneaky and nasty Russians we keep hearing about day in and day trip. The following is a look at a “most-feared-nations” map posted on the Twitter account of U.K. Daily, The Independent today.

The map worldwide relating to who every country believes is many dangerous https: //

Get the Ebony Water. Find effortlessly recognized Turkey towards the south. There is Ukraine when you look at the north. Relating to a 2013 poll the paper didn’t title (the web link they supplied was busted), everybody is terrified of us, even yet in the Obama years! Continue reading