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Three Reasons You Should Buy Three Piece Paintings

What are Three Piece Paintings?

Three piece (or triptych) painting is a form of art in which a painting is divided into three sections or three separate hinged panels that are bound together and are to be displayed side by side or folded shut. The word triptych is derived from a Greek adjective that roughly translates to “three-fold”. In a three piece painting, the panel in the centre is traditionally the largest one and is accompanied by two relatively smaller works of the same theme. Though the middle panel is usually the largest one, there have been triptych works made containing panels of equal size.

Three Studies of Lucian Feud, by Francis Bacon, the most expensive three piece painting ever sold at an auction swept a mind boggling 142.4 million dollars!

A Brief History of Three Piece Paintings

Triptych art, in its earliest and most traditional form, was developed by the Ancient Romans back in the medieval period, who bound together two panels which surrounded the one in the centre. Churches and Cathedrals employed the three piece formula for altar paintings and illustrations. The triptych art spread over a vast geographical range – from eastern Byzantine churches to the western Celtic churches – during the middle ages. Hans Memling, Hieronymus Bosch and many other Renaissance painters made use of the form in their work. 3_piece_decorative_painting

Three Piece Paintings in Home Décor

As an element frequently employed in home décor, three piece paintings are a huge asset of the art of interior designing. They could be placed in homes, hotels and offices for beautification and since they are quite easy to transport, moving them would never be a hassle. 3_panels_abstract_oil_painting

Three reasons for Three Piece Art’s Success

Over the years, three piece paintings have won many hearts, of art collectors and viewers alike. We have brought to light three of the most prominent reasons why installing a triptych painting would always be a good investment for an art lover:

1) Challenging Visuals

When an illustration is presented in three panels, it is bound to appear complex and has a certain level of aesthetic appeal to it. A triptych’s complex presentation and design challenges its audience to work it out. They know they have quite a lot to absorb from the piece as soon as they set their gaze upon it. The viewers also wonder about the painting’s movement and meaning.  And the very idea of having three separate artworks split in panels and part of one composition is challenging to digest.

2) Use of Color

How the artist uses color while composing a triptych determines the movement of our eyes from panel to panel. As part of our natural reflex, we would go from left to right, but since there are no hard and fast rules in this genre, the artist can direct the movement of our eyes over the panels any way he/she likes. Thus a triptych isn’t just one painting split into three parts, it’s a complete visual experience established by intelligent use of colors and by the transition of the elements of the painting itself. Intelligent use of color always helps keep a three piece painting interesting.

3) Massive Space Coverage

A much despised issue of the modern décor art is that it doesn’t give the owner much for the money they’ve paid. In clearer words, anyone who is willing to pay a massive sum of money for a work of art would want it to be prominent and/or cover a little space. Three piece paintings are something that’s always going to be worth your money when it comes to size as it provides great wall coverage. Thus it would never go unnoticed by your guests or visitors.

From the older, classical works to the more modern ones, three piece art has always been a vehicle to explore new possibilities.

A Brief Introduction to DIY Art Paintings

What is a DIY Art Painting?

DIY Art Painting is an emerging suburban trend in which people personally undertake paint jobs; whether they imply painting the whole house, interior walls, or just creating personalized paintings that you may hang on your wall. DIY is an acronym for Do-It-Yourself, and is a fun easy going way of creating quick and cheap artwork that doesn’t necessarily appear to be too bland.

If you get the hang of DIY paintings, you may eventually turn up producing quite presentable paintings. This article aims to outline a few tips to help you at DIY paintings, as well as expressing the reasons why DIY paintings can be a good family activity too.

Decorating your home on a Budget

Painting A House On A Budget

Most of us have been at that crossroads where we can’t decide which interior decorator or painter to go for, there is an agony of choice and you don’t know who to go for in your restrained budget. The safest bet is that you go to the market and get yourselves a few buckets of paint and brushes. If its interior décor or wall paintings you want, then you can purchase canvases, frames, paints and brushes from any hobby shop.

The advantage of a DIY painting is that it can be highly personalized to suit your needs, as well as costing a fair bit less as compared to the price a professional painter might charge you for his services.

Alternately, if you turn to be good at DIY paintings, you might even start a local small scale business too in which you can accept painting assignments on freelance basis and in this way cash in your hobby to your advantage too.

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What is Digital Art


What is Digital Art?

When an artistic creation is developed, created or formulated with the use of a computer or any other digital technology then that creation is referred to as digital art. The interesting thing about this area is that it combines the expertise of art with the scientific fields of technology, science and math together.

When you do a drawing on a piece of paper but get it scanned on the computer and modify it in any form then it becomes a part of the digital art category. This includes modifying photographs, creating 3D art scenes or characters etc.
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Make Your Home Decor an Enticing Experience With Oil Paintings

Are you looking to redecorate your home in a way that captures your visitor’s attention? Or you ready to make a huge impact on your guests by going for extremely chic and enticing wall décor? Well, if you are looking to do any of the aforementioned things with quality and class, then you have landed on the right page. You might have read countless articles in magazines and on the internet about decorating your walls in a nice way. However, most of these scripts are designed and drafted to confuse. Continue reading

A Brief Introduction to African Wall Art

A bland and boring wall of your home isn’t an impressive sight if you want to make your home décor look great. You can stack up expensive artifacts and decoration items to create a great home décor accent, but leave out your walls might overshadow all your efforts. Some folks leave out their walls all together thinking that their focus should be on covering up the empty space in their home with decorative ornaments. This is nothing but decorative suicide! When it comes to decorating and beautifying your home, wall décor carries the key importance in setting up a decorative motif. Continue reading

Tips On Decorating Your Home Effectively With Oil Paintings

The history of oil painting dates back to Buddhist era. The first oil paintings are said to be discovered in Western Afghanistan and date back to 5th Century. Oil paintings, as compared to pastel paintings, are more attractive and have the ability to positively impact people with their presence. Today nearly all painting exhibitions include oil paintings due to their impactful nature and many artists get trained in the art because of myriad of methods and technique that give liberty to be extremely expressive. Continue reading

Advantages of Decorating Your Home With Removable Wall Art Stickers

Wall stickers and 3D wall decorative items are quickly capturing a huge fan base among home owners. The reason for this popularity is convenience, lower costs and ease of maintenance. 3D and other wall stickers are basically made from high grade vinyl and come in a massive range that caters to people from all walks of life. These wall stickers can be used conveniently on any of your home wall and can be deployed without hiring any extra hand whatsoever. In fact, setting up these wall stickers is fun and you can do it along with your family and friends.

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On a Budget? Decorate Walls With Inexpensive 3D Wall Art

In the past few posts, we have been emphasizing on integrating art to your home décor for a revamped outlook. However, today we have planned to go a bit different! Art doesn’t come cheap and good hand painted art is even more expensive. You might long for some great art pieces to decorate and chic your walls, but most of the times they’ll fall out of your budget. The idea of this post isn’t to let you down by taking art décor away; instead we are committed to providing you great tips on wall décor on budget.

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Rejuvenate Your Home’s Wall Decor With African Wall Paintings And Batiks

Home décor is all about expression of your creative sense and taste. Since “home is where the heart is”, keeping your home’s interiors interesting, vibrant and organized beams out a great impression.  Although technology has made it easier for designers and interior decorators to get the stuff they need quickly and cheap, the importance of integrating real hand-developed art hasn’t lost its significance at all.  African art is one form that can be used extensively for wall décor. African art in the form of oil paintings and decorative sculptures is widely available and can be used to beef up the overall look and feel of any location within your home.

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Sick Of Your Dull Living Room? Try These Tips for Revitalized Living Room Decor!

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Unlike your entryway design and accent (where you have to ensure color combinations with décor artifacts), you are free to innovate, play and be as creative as you please with your drawing room interiors. However, while you are being experimental, it is important to make sure that things don’t go berserk.Our last write up was regarding sprucing up your home’s entryway décor in order to create a positive and everlasting impression on your guests. And what comes next? Yes, you guessed it right; your drawing room or living room. Your drawing room / living room is the space where your guests dwell more than you actually do. And in order to ensure that your guests keep engaged and mesmerized by your decorating sense; it is important to lay extra hard emphasis while you are perking up the interiors of your drawing room.

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