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Paint Your Photo: Turn Your Boring Clicks Into Exceptional Paintings

Gone were the days when painting photos were a tough job and people had to travel miles and wait for their turn to get their self portrait painted by the hands of their favorite artists. Then came in the street artists who earned by painting people’s faces in the streets in exchange of few bucks. But since the technology is converting every human being into couch potatoes, almost everything is on our finger tips and just a click away, which includes painting your own photo too. You can search up many websites offering online photo-to-painting converter software that just gives your picture a painted look, but obviously that paint is not real and you cannot hang it in your room as a wall decor.

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Buying Watercolor Flower Paintings And Oil Flower Paintings On The Web


The internet is a great place to buy paintings; or indeed anything these days. Online stores and auction houses operate round the clock and your desired products can be obtained with just a click of the button; the sheer variety is also bewildering and you can browse through literally thousands of watercolor paintings in a single store, let alone others.

Buying watercolor flower and oil flower paintings on the internet saves you from a lot of unnecessary fatigue if you were to go physically to an art gallery or print shops to select one; since this calls for you to dedicate many hours of your precious time and energy.

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Canvas Oil Paintings – Art Traditional Method For Centuries

Introduction to Canvas Oil Paintings

Oil painting is a traditional method of art that has been practiced for more than 8 centuries.  What differentiates this form of painting from other kinds of contemporary watercolor and dry painting techniques is the fact that it uses colored pigments that are bound in a continuously drying oil medium. This oil can be of a few types; but the ones used predominantly for most classical paintings have to be linseed and poppyseed oils. More rarely; some artists have also used safflower and walnut oils but to a lesser extent.

Usually the oil is responsible for acting like a varnish; that is, after drying it provides the paint a protective layer which also has a slight gloss to it. This gives oil paintings their distinctive look which is strikingly different from watercolors which appear to be matt finished with little or no gloss whatsoever.

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Catholic Baroque Comparison of Caravaggio and Rembrandt Paintings

What is Baroque Painting?

Baroque painting is a classical technique of oil painting that was practiced during the 17th and early 18th century artists and painters. Baroque painting is actually quite a broad term, which can be used to signify various painting niches that were prevalent during the 1600s. But there is consensus among art historians regarding the principle attributes that make Baroque art distinct from other forms of art that date from the same period.

The Baroque paintings are nearly always done in such a way so as to portray great drama, such as scenes of battle amidst high contrast lighting so the subjects get highlighted and there is an increased sense of urgency and energy in the whole depiction. Baroque artists use rich colors to accentuate their paintings with life and intense shadows. Another distinction between Renaissance and Baroque art is that the former is usually concerned with depicting scenes that precede some dramatic involvement, while the latter always depicts the scenes of drama as they are happening.

Some of the notable classical artists who painted in the Baroque style include Caravaggio, Rubens, Vermeer, Poussin, Rembrandt, and Velazquez.

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A Selection of Famous Paintings of Flowers

Historical Perspective of Art:

Art is basically anything that results through the bodily expression of certain ideas and states of the human mind and emotions through visual and optical means; meaning paintings, music, all these are classified as art forms. Arts can be classified into a diverse number of contemporary styles and expressions, common art forms include painting, print making, and sculpture.

The 3 art forms mentioned above have been around ever since the advent of modern man dating back to the Egyptian age. More recent trends have emerged such as performing arts which include theatre, film, music, and dance. But the subject of discussion here is solely painting. There are many different kinds of paintings too, and art had really diversified into 3 major classes; Romanticism, Expressionism, and Impressionism.

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The Incredible Art of Oil Painting for Famous Celebrities

Oil paintings of celebrities

The art of painting with oil is a relatively traditional and classical field still because the oil takes much time to dry and the whole process of using a lubricant for your artistic work involves a lot of hard work. In other words, this work of art is relatively slow and demanding when it comes in contrast to the modern day’s speedy world.

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Learn Oil Painting Techniques to Become a Master of the Canvas

Oil Painting Techniques

Utilizing pigments with the means of a drying oil is basically referred to as the oil painting. There is a huge variety of oils that can be utilized for this purpose; these comprise of poppyseed, safflower, linseed and walnut oils. Every oil confers its own unique properties when it utilized for the purpose of being utilized on the canvas.

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Become Artistically Immortal By Converting Your Pictures to Paintings

Photos are usually memorable! A photo is usually snapped on an occasion of joy that you’d like to captivate for the rest of your life. And this isn’t new at all! Photos have been taken since the invention of camera and today virtually everyone has a photo collection to recollect the lovely moments and memories. Personal and family photos carry great importance for some and you can usually see a lot of them decorating their home walls, side tables and studies with these photos.
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