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10 Men’s Sexual Wellness Issues That Are Too Embarrassing to inquire of

Intercourse, Viagra, & Ejaculation

1. Do Different Intercourse Positions Increase or Decrease Possibilities of Pregnancy?

No. No matter what position that is sexual utilize, genital intercourse causes pregnancy.

2. Am I able to Are Drinking Alcoholic Beverages With Viagra and Cialis?

Yes. There may never be an interaction that is bad the 2; but, remember whenever you consume alcohol, your erection might not be as firm together with medicine might not act as well.

3. Can there be A surgery that will raise the measurements of My Penis?

Also an implanted penile prosthetic will likely not boost the size of your penis. You have lost since gaining weight if you are overweight, getting to your ideal body weight will help restore some of the length. Continue reading