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6 Many Types of Punishment

The commonly held concept of punishment, which we use within every one of our trainings, is “a pattern of behavior employed by someone to get and keep maintaining control and power over another.” Something to see about this meaning is the fact that we have been dealing with a pattern of behavior, simply put, not merely one event. These actions may take on a quantity of various types. People, once they hear the term “abuse,” think of assault. It’s important to notice that physical force is certainly one method of energy and control which is far from the only person. It is usually maybe perhaps not the very first one an abuser will use. Here are six several types of punishment we discuss in our training with brand new volunteers or employees.

1. Real

Here is the kind of punishment that numerous individuals think about once they hear the expressed word‘abuse.’ It could add punching, striking, slapping, throwing, strangling, or actually restraining someone against their might. Continue reading