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Ask Audrey: A lesbian child may be the latest must-have accessory in the Rochestown path

Sorting out Cork people for a long time like

C’mere, what’s the tale with thinking Cork is preferable to intercourse. I’ve really reconnected aided by the town within the previous couple weeks, perambulating during the lockdown and breaking into rips each and every time Shandon sneaks into view, I’d a be weak because of it. It’s the business enterprise child, strolling all over streets that are empty alone along with your ideas and a will of Dutch silver, you’re able to realise what’s crucial in your daily life. So like can we all acknowledge a very important factor when all of this is over – Cork town may be the fruits once you don’t need certainly to share the footpath with gowls from Carrigaline. Therefore, can you ever ask one of the snobby attorney buddies when there is a real option to ban culchies from Cork, forever like? Continue reading