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Luckily, modern versions of Windows have a built-in tool to help you test for this. Bad RAM can cause a host of Windows problems; crashing, freezing, or the dreaded blue screen of death. You can test for defective physical memory with the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

In case the antivirus proves to be problematic, you can also try to uninstall it. To make sure the memory leak can be fixed, you can simply try to perform a couple of updates we have curated below. Try to perform each one of the methods and see which one works to fix the problem. The methods you have seen above may only fix the memory leak issue temporarily. In case you want to fix the problem permanently, you can try to properly perform methods to prevent the problem from even occurring.

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What you need to do is mostly maintaining the system service in your Windows 10 PC. Then, you can type “memory diagnostic tool” on the search bar. Whenever a program or application opens, the memory will start to take a role in allowing it to operate. The considerable amount of memory will automatically be used for that program. Once the program closes, the memory usage it has been used will be back to its storage. When the memory leak happens, the unused memory will not get released. When it comes to the computer operation, the memory space runs at certain capacities.

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The main work of RAM is to store temporary data for the computer. The problem with the memory leak usually deals with something deep in the system. Checking for the system requirement can benefit you in knowing where to look when memory leak attacks your Windows 10 PC. In doing so, you will know how much RAM you can use to help the applications in your Windows 10 PC running. This way, you can upgrade the RAM memory in a way that is compatible with your Windows system.

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If you’ve ever turned on a computer, then you must have heard a loud beep. This loud beep indicates that your computer has recognized your media and video hardware. If you don’t hear this beep during the boot process, then your computer is suffering from RAM problem. Your operating system will also show you an on-screen message after the booting process. RAM or Random Access Memory is the main memory of any computer.

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Due to many services running in the Windows system, sometimes the problem, such as memory leak, may happen. In this case, you may find the Runtime Broker takes a lot of memory to operate. Normally, the Runtime Broker takes a few amounts of memory to operate. Then, you can see the program which experiences an abnormal memory usage. In order to know which one of the Startup programs you need to disable, you can follow the steps below. If you want to get better results, you can also scan your Windows 10 PC using a third-party antivirus. Just make sure that the antivirus does not clash with the Windows Defender while doing its job.

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