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Why We Don’t Let Our Children Do Sleepovers

21, 2016 Updated June 2, 2017 january

I’m perhaps not a helicopter moms and dad. I won’t even get fully up to obtain my children one glass of water anymore (“Go get a glass or two through the restroom sink! Mommy’s got candy that needs crushing! ”). My parenting style pretty easy-going, and I also would think about myself an optimist that is open-minded basic.

That we generally do not let our girls attend sleepovers so it may surprise you to hear.

I mean: We do allow sleepovers with very specific people when I say “generally, ” this is what. We’ve a tiny circle of trusted family members and buddies who possess permitted our girls to fall asleep at their homes immediately. They are those who we understand very well, and additionally they have actually shown to us over time they are trustworthy in terms of taking care of our girls. So, in this nature, our girls are permitted to invest the at their grandparents’ houses night.

It offersn’t been problem to date, since our children are incredibly young. But as my daughter that is oldest develops, it is beginning to be a problem. A couple of weeks ago|weeks that are few, my third-grader excitedly informed my better half and me personally that she in addition to Madisons (Madison M. Continue reading