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Explaining Abstract Art Paintings Which Are Majestic

Electrifying Abstract Art Paintings- Enlighten Yourself

Abstract drawings and abstract art paintings are the bases of visual joys and delights. Peculiarly, in the formation of abstract art, the incredibly creative artist comes up with a different world of contemplation and colors. Abstract painters use line, color, form, texture, composition, and pattern involving a thought provoking process to express ideas. This form of inviting phenomena of abstract art evokes emotions in a nonlinear and poetic fashion. Abstract art painting is all about either one of these elements or a complete blend of them.

Mystic Charm of Abstract Art

It has the ability to present what different visual styles cannot. This unique aspect makes abstract art the king of all arts. Abstract art addresses on principles that are usually theoretical and intangible existing wonderfully in the realms of spirit and mind rather the revolving around the basic reality. The desirable abstract art engulfs pure form, color and shape to put across its actual meaning without getting carried away by the storylines carrying alluring scenery and objects. Strikingly, abstract art paintings touch emotions in a powerfully raw and fresh way.

Understanding the Fun of Abstract Art Paintings

The factors linked with this amusing art is mainly the unification of element among all types of abstract art, the work is said to be non representational and non objective. This leads to the fact that abstract art doesn’t necessarily have to be familiar with anything on earth. It is based on forms that are present in the real world or it has all the right to rely purely on someone (mostly the artists) imagination. These certain fascinating and noteworthy points make abstract art paintings dainty in a unique manner. Oil_Paintaings_handpainted_abstract

Everlasting Magic of Art

Several ways are known for an artist’s to paint smoothly an abstract art painting. These styles concern brushing, rolling, dripping, splattering, soaking and scraping the paint. Interestingly, the brushstrokes are fine, choppy, rough or delicate. They might work in an inquisitive way designing the abstract art paintings completely intuitively. Moreover, the brilliant abstract artists can also use different forms of textures or sand to the paintings giving the artwork a glorious touch.

Worth Knowing Inception of Abstract Art

Talking about the Great Depressions of 1930s and the upheaval of Second World War, artists indulged themselves in search of the visual language that openly expressed dangerous, difficult, changing and challenging world revolving around them. This special language particularly of abstract art allows artists to explore a high spirited range of new ways conveying memory, emotion, spiritual beliefs, and inner strength and blessed the artists with a dramatic yet realistic platform to practice freedom of speech.

Undying Honorable Memories of Abstract Artists

Kandinsky_abstract_oil_paintingSpeaking of the successful and ambitious artists who had grown in America and by dedicating themselves sincerely to the work of abstract art, these artists worked, met and socialized together. In their colorful journey of abstract art, they came across persecution in Europe but bonded the two different themes of abstract movement paving way for the next generation of abstract artists. Artists such as Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler and Joan Mitchell are the best examples to be quoted.

Wassily Kandinsky: The Famous Abstract Artist

Quoting the wisdom of the first western abstract artists is highly commendable and his golden words not to be missed. Wassily Kandinsky says

“Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential.”

Ravishing Spark of Abstract Art by Famous Artists

  • Wassily Kandinsky through his unexplainable wisdom offered music lovers a visual depiction of harmony, melodious piece of music demonstrating finely through abstract art the link between feelings and sounds.
  • The enchantment in paintings of Franz Kline inculcates a strong sense of enthusiasms and encourages feelings and thoughts of all possibilities.
  • Abstract art concerning the awe inspiring Arshile Gorky is inter connected with the life-like memories of his garden in infancy. The lush green garden provoked him to paint in a tenderly, delicate and amorous manner portraying the grace of that place.
  • Some outclass artists such as Josef Albers and Piet Mondrian exhibits the geometric abstraction revealing their views, infatuations and imaginations of the world.
  • The splattering and rhythmic paintings of Jackson Pollock does not have a beginning or an end, it simply creates a relation with a life without any limitations, restrictions and boundaries.

Top Five Beautiful Landscape Abstract Paintings Grasping the Nature

Landscape Abstract Paintings : A Joyful Yet Brief Introduction

Let’s start with a famous saying; “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Landscape paintings or say drawings are considered as a network of art owned by somebody who beholds and grasps the beautiful scenery of nature for instance forests, mountains, cliffs, rivers, trees, valleys, flowers and many more. Beauty admirers of nature portray the liveliness and colors on earth through their highly fascinating landscape abstract paintings. In the Wood

Understanding the Glorious Nature

Undoubtedly, this green beautiful earth is a wonderfully amusing creation. The one who seeks pleasure from the vision of this wondrous creation possesses the capability to paint it with all the sparkling bright colors. Stupendously, earth blesses the artists of landscape abstract paintings with undying and imperishable inspirational charm of its own existence. The noticeable and undeniable about the various artists’ history states that they explored ceaseless creativity in the incredibly mysterious pleasantness of nature and the majestic piece of work on earth through different landscapes.

The Captivating Creativity of Landscape Artists

waiting 1 by victoriaAn artists who would want to create a fascinatingly luminous view of landscape, holds the imagination to draw scenes detailed works of the environment. In spite of the presence of various other mediums, landscape abstract paintings are designed from acrylic or oil paint. It’s exciting to know that when an artist’s always chooses to capture the breath taking view by painting in the open air. Speaking generally, you will experience the bewitching and glowing scene of mountains, rivers, valleys in beautiful landscape abstract paintings.

The Sparkling History of Landscape Art

The history tells us about the fantabulous landscape art which was extremely famous in some ancient cultures. Travelling back in the history, landscape abstract paintings are dated way back in the era known as the Minoan period. Interestingly, the acknowledgement of landscape art as a separate genre was between 16th and 17th century. The inquisitive reality of this amazing art is that it became an importantly marvelous part of art world by the 1800s. In that previous era, art was highly adored by people. They meant to indulge themselves in the appreciation of the nature and its everlasting beauty.

Striking Work of Remarkable Landscape Artists Paintings

  • A unique and mind grabbing sensational painting known as waiting 1 by Victoria Arendt. This masterful piece of landscape abstract painting depicts landscape with boats waiting to go sail.
  • A fantastic abstract landscape painting “red sands” designed by Donald Maier. It’s uniquely charismatic which will leave a pleasing effect on your mind.
  • Loan Popei came up with the absolutely stunning landscape painting “in the woods” particularly for those who are tempted to the outdoor beauty.
  • A graceful and delighting painting “meadow” drawn by Gia Revazi in another entrancing example.
  • Gevorg Avagyan decorated this spectacular painting called “Rocky Riverside” portraying an eye catching view of river stream and mountains.

rocky river

“Jaison Cianelli”- Abstract Artist With a Colorful Imagination

Let’s begin with the highly honorable and renowned artist’s powerfully appealing saying;

“My art is connecting with the creative expression that manifests by being grateful for LIFE. To connect I feel incredibly happy. Through my art I hope to inspire others and share the positive energy I receive.”

These are the real sentiments of passionate and dedicate artist who indulges himself in capturing the entrancing shine of the earth. Cianelli uses innovative styles and techniques by engulfing and awakening human emotions through the enchanting world of abstract art.

Treat Yourself With the Worth Adoring Abstract Landscape Paintings

red sandsAbstract landscape paintings are referred to landscape as well as an abstract art. This contemporary and antique paintings style that includes a huge deal of creativity either by producing an imagination into reality or scenery that is present in the real world. Peculiarly, abstract landscape paintings are deliberately different from the existence of thing in real life. The gripping and intriguing landscape abstract paintings expresses the enthusiasm of nature and life making the painting more desirable.

Beautiful World of Abstract Oil Painting

A painting for someone who doesn’t know about art must be nothing less than a canvas filled with colors, but those who breathe art, talk art, live art, and comprehend the hidden meanings behind the colors, patterns, themes, and style, perceived the definite message that the artist coded in his work. A newbie that steps into this mysterious world of painting should at least have the decency to engulf the aspiration and purpose this world holds. Only then interested newcomers can master and count themselves among their favorite painters like Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and many more. Art is built up of many tiny building blocks where each carries a significant value in itself, and abstract art is one of the foremost and pioneer pieces of this small puzzle.

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Canvas Art And Canvas Prints And Paintings

Canvas Prints and Paintings

Canvas art is an emerging modern trend that takes us back to the deepest roots of art; when painting on canvases made out of cloth and patchwork. A canvas print is basically a mass reproduction of notable paintings on canvases instead of conventional paper. There are many reasons why canvas printing has become a common practice now and is generally preferable over conventional paper prints. The main reason for this is due to the fact that canvas art and canvas prints are closer to the real painting than any paper reproduction can ever hope to be. While paper prints are usually smooth to touch and can easily be damaged, canvas prints use a plotter to print the painting on a piece of canvas (much like the original).

So in a way, this canvas print offers you the same textures as the original painting and what’s more, this is definitely going to look a quite bit more convincing on your wall than any paper copy could even hope to ever be. Canvas prints do not mean that you can only choose from a selected variety of pre-prepared prints; you can even scan your favorite posters and have them printed too.

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Abstract And Contemporary Art : Paintings That Connects To Your Heart

What is Abstract and Contemporary Art?

Abstract Art in its most basic form is the modern take classical artistic expression form like Expressionism, Impressionism, and Romanticism. In fact, abstract art as we have come to know it today almost didn’t exist until the late 19th century. It had been experimented on by classical artists in the 17th and 18th century, but it had not yet been recognized as a distinct practice that could capitalize as a separate art entity in itself.

Broadly speaking, when we talk about abstract art, we also mention Figurative and Non-Figurative art. But there are subtle differences between these three art forms and a sweeping generalization is not so easily explained. It is prudent therefore to consider Abstractionism in art as being fundamentally different from these other 2 categories. In fact, we may even say that Abstract Art is totally different in the sense that artists aim to deliberately distort their depictions of seemingly random and ordinary things.

This deviation of reality is what makes Abstract art so popular and unique. Depending on the level of abstractionism we divide this art in to two categories; Fauvism and Cubism. If the paintings depict a partial deviation from reality then it is termed as Fauvism whereas complete deviation is Cubism. Thus we can conclude that abstract art never really strives to create artistic brilliance in the form of realism (as was the case in classical art) but rather there are a whole horde of potential subjects that can be addressed through Abstract Art.

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Abstract Watercolor Paintings – A Rise in Popularity

What is Abstract Painting?

Abstract paintings are a contemporary style of art that originated during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, some of the era’s most notable artists had experimented with abstractionism in art thought it wasn’t until the early 1900s that it was recognized in a substantial light as an art form that could be explored further. In its most basic form, abstract art consists of an artist’s expression of ideas in a way that is drastically different from classical art. Classical art required artists to recreate faithful representations of their subject; the object of such paintings is so focus as much as possible on realism. Abstract Art on the other hand, is very different. Abstract artists tend to leave the realm of reality and focus their efforts towards creating a painting that appears very detached from any real sense of the world.

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Abstract Paintings Inspirational Art That Really Works

Origins of Abstract Art

Abstract Art is a modern take on classical expressionism and is the artistic expression of seemingly random and blotchy colors in such a way that it creates a whole new depth of meaning and profound effect on the viewers. Abstract Art traces its roots in the late 17th and early 18th century, though it wasn’t recognized as a separate art genre in its own right until well in to the 20th century.

Abstractionism in art can often be mixed with non-figurative and figurative arts, but there is a distinction between the three, and it is therefore prudent to consider Abstract Art as being fundamentally different and highly unique. For one thing, abstract art is rarely aimed towards creating any realism or a genuine depiction of subjects as they would appear in reality.

Quite the contrary, abstract art tends to deliberately distort various aspects and proportions of the subject so it appears as being slightly ethereal and detached from any realism. This isn’t always the case though, and there have been certain abstract paintings over the years that have shown a slight, if not complete confirmation to reality. Thus we can safely say that Abstract Art is divided in to two categories; Fauvism and Cubism, the former constitutes a partial abstraction while the latter often constitutes a complete detachment from reality. Some of the Cubist art may often appear to be bizarre and strange for most people, but art enthusiasts are somehow able to draw meaningful inferences from amidst the chaos and appreciate the subtleties with which artists define their subjects.


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How To Make An Abstract Art Painting

Painting Abstract art is not as easy as it looks; it requires a huge amount of imagination and a certain perception of the objects you wish to paint, they could be nature, music, poetry , your 4th grade crush, a break up, your mother in law and how they all can make you feel and react.

Abstract art is all about expressing your vision of reality. It’s about showcasing how you see the world around you and make it flow onto the canvas like orderly chaos. It’s completely different from simply drawing. For example, if you have say, a vase in front of you. It’s more like painting the shape and the feeling of the vase and how it would look if you closed your eyes and blurred out the lines, and simply drew the random shapes and filled them out with designs, making them explode and come to life.

Of course you could just pick up a paint brush and massacre the canvas into a frenzy of insane colors. Or maybe throw water balloons at it. Or even ride on it with a bicycle with wheels covered in oil paint.

No seriously people have done that and produced priceless pieces of art!

Though, for the normal human like you and I, painting an art piece like that requires the following:

A Canvas:

You can buy one any size you like, a smaller one is recommended for beginners, try priming the canvas for quick drying of the paint. Or look at the picture below to get an idea what a canvas is like.


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Flowers Make a Splash in Abstract Floral Artwork

An Overview of Floral Artwork

Abstract Artwork is a modern take on the art of expressionism, in which an artist uses the strokes of his brush to convey an entire body of ideas. Abstract Art was once thought to be entirely devoid of reality, since it makes use of seemingly random shapes, symbols and deliberate distortions to make the subject appear very detached from reality. Such artwork that comprises of these design elements are widely regarded to be non-figurative and non-objective art; these two categories are largely similar to abstract art, though considering them identical is an oversight, there are subtle differences among the three.

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