Canvas Art And Canvas Prints And Paintings

Canvas Prints and Paintings

Canvas art is an emerging modern trend that takes us back to the deepest roots of art; when painting on canvases made out of cloth and patchwork. A canvas print is basically a mass reproduction of notable paintings on canvases instead of conventional paper. There are many reasons why canvas printing has become a common practice now and is generally preferable over conventional paper prints. The main reason for this is due to the fact that canvas art and canvas prints are closer to the real painting than any paper reproduction can ever hope to be. While paper prints are usually smooth to touch and can easily be damaged, canvas prints use a plotter to print the painting on a piece of canvas (much like the original).

So in a way, this canvas print offers you the same textures as the original painting and what’s more, this is definitely going to look a quite bit more convincing on your wall than any paper copy could even hope to ever be. Canvas prints do not mean that you can only choose from a selected variety of pre-prepared prints; you can even scan your favorite posters and have them printed too.

Finding quality Canvas Prints Online

Canvas Art

There are many online stores and websites which deal in canvas printing and canvas reproduction of famous paintings; you can usually scroll through these websites just sitting comfortably at home and browse through literally thousands upon thousands of potential canvas prints to find the one you are looking for. Doing so conventionally by going through each shop personally would require a tedious amount of energy and time, something which you can easily dispense with if you choose to shop online.

The recommended method is that you search for a quality canvas printer in your area and then select from among the top 5, base your decision on the quality of their services as well as costs. There is an added benefit of canvas printing; it doesn’t have to be just paintings! You can even ask these vendors to print your family photographs on canvases too, so you can preserve your memories in a whole new dimension.

Reliable and Long Lasting


Another thing which goes in favor of canvas prints is that they can prove to be much more reliable as compared to paper prints and can last many years on your wall. Cloth canvases are much thicker and tougher than paper, and thus are less prone to tearing and general creasing which a paper print must inevitably succumb to; especially if you have children in the house. Canvas prints can be framed and made to look really beautiful; their toughness also leaves them less prone to damage during transportation or switching of frames.

Canvas Prints and Paintings can be Excellent for Decoration

All the attributes mentioned above mean that canvas prints can make for excellent decoration items; whether you want them framed and hung on your living room wall or keep them on a table. There is also a large variety of canvas prints that can be obtained from the market; and nearly every famous painting from such maestros as Degas, Picasso, Caravaggio, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo are available as canvas prints. There are literally thousands of printing vendors in your city and you should definitely take your time in selecting the right one, if you want a particular painting done specially for you then these can prove ideal for the job.

Thus, getting your favorite paintings printed in this way can mean that you get all the benefits of a canvas (ultimate realism and near identical to the original) while at the same time it costs a mere fraction of the price you would have to pay for an original. In addition, if there does happen to be some damage in the future, you can always have a fresh piece identical to the old one printed right away and at affordable prices too.

Canvas printed paintings (check out tips to learn oil painting techniques) and art can also mean for tasteful gifts too, since you can present your friends or relatives with something that comes quite close to their favorite painting’s originality.

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