A Brief Introduction to DIY Art Paintings

What is a DIY Art Painting?

DIY Art Painting is an emerging suburban trend in which people personally undertake paint jobs; whether they imply painting the whole house, interior walls, or just creating personalized paintings that you may hang on your wall. DIY is an acronym for Do-It-Yourself, and is a fun easy going way of creating quick and cheap artwork that doesn’t necessarily appear to be too bland.

If you get the hang of DIY paintings, you may eventually turn up producing quite presentable paintings. This article aims to outline a few tips to help you at DIY paintings, as well as expressing the reasons why DIY paintings can be a good family activity too.

Decorating your home on a Budget

Painting A House On A Budget

Most of us have been at that crossroads where we can’t decide which interior decorator or painter to go for, there is an agony of choice and you don’t know who to go for in your restrained budget. The safest bet is that you go to the market and get yourselves a few buckets of paint and brushes. If its interior décor or wall paintings you want, then you can purchase canvases, frames, paints and brushes from any hobby shop.

The advantage of a DIY painting is that it can be highly personalized to suit your needs, as well as costing a fair bit less as compared to the price a professional painter might charge you for his services.

Alternately, if you turn to be good at DIY paintings, you might even start a local small scale business too in which you can accept painting assignments on freelance basis and in this way cash in your hobby to your advantage too.

Top Tips for creating beautiful DIY Paintings:

DIY painting can be a fun thing to do and can yield spectacular results if you know how to go about getting supplies, starting and executing the painting properly. Here are a few tips that might help you get the desired results, and hopefully at an economical price too:

1. You should have a determined notion about the type of frames you want to purchase, keep in mind the shape of your room and the lighting conditions, the furniture placement as well as color combinations will determine the kind of frame that will look good on your wall. Frames can be found online too, and there are thousands of designs to choose from.

2. The next step is purchasing the paints you want to use. If its entire walls that you need painting, then you can buy glaze or anti-glaze matt finish and there a lot of colors available. If you want to create decorative paintings then you can visit any hobby shop and purchase pastel and oil based paints, canvas sheets as well as an assortment of different kinds of brushes too.

3. DIY paintings don’t mean that you have to use paints exclusively as an expressive medium, remember this is intended as an amateur art form and thus you can use any materials you can find in the house. For example; you can different sized chart or glaze sheets, even shards of mirror to create collages and intricate designs that give the art a certain abstractionism that might look good on your wall.

Fun for the Kids too!

DIY Painting For kidsDIY paintings can be an incredible way of spending time with your kids too! It can be beneficial in enhancing your children’s artistic abilities, as well as giving them a thrill to see their parents indulging in a fun activity with them for once as most parents nowadays remain busy due to their jobs or other commitments and DIY paintings can give your kids a welcome break from daily day care.

You can even invent games too by creating art jigsaw puzzles that your kids can put together afterwards, thus you can play a role in ensuring that your children will be doing something constructive and informative instead of playing with dumb toys.

There are literally thousands of different things you can do with DIY paintings, and you can get ideas from children’s activity books or browsing online through kids’ forums.


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