Beautiful World of Abstract Oil Painting

A painting for someone who doesn’t know about art must be nothing less than a canvas filled with colors, but those who breathe art, talk art, live art, and comprehend the hidden meanings behind the colors, patterns, themes, and style, perceived the definite message that the artist coded in his work. A newbie that steps into this mysterious world of painting should at least have the decency to engulf the aspiration and purpose this world holds. Only then interested newcomers can master and count themselves among their favorite painters like Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and many more. Art is built up of many tiny building blocks where each carries a significant value in itself, and abstract art is one of the foremost and pioneer pieces of this small puzzle.

What is An Abstract Art

Before you indulge yourself into further reading, it is pretty important for our readers to understand what an abstract art is about. Wassily Kandinsky, the eminent Russian artist was the one who first introduced abstract art back in the early 90s, in his painting “Picture with A Circle”.Oil_Paintaings_Abstract_100__hand_paint_high_quality_wall_art__Wassily_Kandinsky_abstract_oil_painting_on_canvas_decoration_home_unique_gifts111111111111111-600x600

One can define abstract art as;

“Any painting or sculpture that comprises of a verity of colors, different shapes, figures, and scales, but does not contain people, place, or any other thing from the nature.”

The one who created abstract art believed that the colors can speak louder than words, and each color has its own meaning in some way or another. For example, Green can be a sign of victory or peace, Red indicates confidence and liveliness, Blue reflects the deepness of anything, whilst yellow can show an excitement or warmth of emotions. Only those who paint down and make strokes with colors on the canvas know the explicitness of each color.

The Wonders of Abstract Oil Painting

These days, abstract oil painting is one of the most used and adored way of decorating houses worldwide. You’ll see a lot of women and men picking different colors and renovating their room walls with abstract art. Although, for some people it might fall too heavy on their pockets because of the massive costs of oil paints, but if you have the luxury to endure expensiveness then you sure will accomplish a great look for your home. Even if you are new to art and you want to take a start, abstract oil painting is the simplest way through which you can let your imagination run wild on a canvas. There’s no point of having a fear of failing, as abstract oil painting doesn’t need perfect figures or faces.


But in the modern world where everything is complex and need dedication, an artist should be careful while picking colors and expressing his feelings on canvas. The way a person paints, is a way through which the onlookers will judge his creativity and the representation of emotions and feelings he is catering. And to ace this stage, you should be cunning enough to let your artistry catchy enough to make ways inside the viewer’s mind. Because abstract oil painting offers a promising future as an artist can make a great sum of money by selling his paintings online or exhibiting them in art galleries. It might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but the business of abstract oil painting is comparatively tempting than other fields of art.

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