Artists You Won’t Believe Aren’t Magicians

The Art of Creating Realistic Paintings

Camera is reckoned to be the most enticing productivity of technology. And with all the day by day innovations introduce by the masterminds, it is implausible to differentiate between live scenery and a picture taken by the advance lens of a camera of that exact same place. If you know how to master a camera and know how it’s functioned then it is highly likely for you to become a photographer. Everyone must have heard a mocking phrase that says “Every monkey who owns a DSLR thinks himself as a photographer”. But, if one compares it with painting; the art of drawing exact objects on a canvas is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is not easy as the click of a camera; you will need years of practising to become an expert and even more practice if you are willing to become realistic artist.

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Top 6 Most Realistic Artists

In this article, we would like to praise all the hyper realistic artists who capture their subjects better than a camera does with their own hands. Their artistry is spellbinding and beyond human’s power. It will not be wrong if we categorize them as living wizards who work their fingers with clay and paints to give world a better gift than mere photographs. Here’s a list of top six realistic artists:

1.     Omer Ortiz


Born in Jalisco of Mexico, Omer Ortiz is a guru of illustrations and drawing. Graduated in Graphic Design, this artist dedicated his life for painting hyperrealism and capturing human body details with oil on canvas. Although almost all of his masterpieces are centered around nudity, there is still no way one can refuse the magical essence his extraordinary paintings have.

2.      Roberto Bernardi


No one captures realistic still life better than Roberto. Born in Italy in 1974, the artist took interest in painting at a very young age. It is in the middle 80s when his first work was completed. After his first exhibition in 1994, Roberto has gained public recognition and has achieved many eulogizes around the globe.

3.      Ron Mueck


Ronald Mueck is a well recognized hyperrealist sculptor artist all the way from Australia. Ron was born in Melbourne and worked as a puppeteer for kid’s television show in the beginning of his career. Later, he shifted to United Kingdom and there he initiated his work in fine art and photorealist animations for the advertising industry.

4.      Gottfried Helnwein


Another eminent fine art painter, sculptor and photographer is Gottfried Helnwein, whose paintings have helped him gain popularity worldwide. Born in Austria in 1948, this artist has awarded with the Master- class Prize by the Visual Art University in Vienna. Most of his paintings and public performances are circled around children. He is also known for his surreal designs for stage, theatre and opera production.

5.      Thomas Arvid


Focuses mainly on wine and the customs around it, Thomas Arvid has rewarded as the trend setter in the art world, who has large still life paintings with illusory light and reflection. According to him, he chose wine as his main subject because people and his followers are aware of it, and their lives are always circled around it.

6.      Kamalky Laureano


From the Mexico City, Kamalky Laureano is another talented hyperrealist artist who prefers acrylic over every other medium of art. He is young and available as a freelance artist. All of his works exposes the wondrous definitions of human faces.

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