Flowers Make a Splash in Abstract Floral Artwork

An Overview of Floral Artwork

Abstract Artwork is a modern take on the art of expressionism, in which an artist uses the strokes of his brush to convey an entire body of ideas. Abstract Art was once thought to be entirely devoid of reality, since it makes use of seemingly random shapes, symbols and deliberate distortions to make the subject appear very detached from reality. Such artwork that comprises of these design elements are widely regarded to be non-figurative and non-objective art; these two categories are largely similar to abstract art, though considering them identical is an oversight, there are subtle differences among the three.

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 A Tale of Abstract Art and Paintings from Famous Artists

Artists from the 15th century onwards largely concentrated their efforts in to creating pieces that were as close to reality as possible, they played with colors within a millimeter of accuracy, so paintings from the early eras appear to be near photo perfect in their reproduction of the artist’s subject. Starting in the late 1800s, art took on a new form as a medium of artistic expression, artists were no longer interested in creating realistic representations of their subject, and rather they started experimenting with a new technique called Abstract Art. artgaga This form of “abstract” art concentrated on communicating more subtle meaning and emotion in to the paintings. Abstract art comprises of visible brush strokes, with often bright, vivid, or exceptionally dull colors that would not normally occur in reality. Some artists also distorted the viewer’s perspective and that of the structure of the painting itself so it would appear to be ethereal and somehow more striking in its subject matter and overall effect. Though Abstract Art owes its roots to the earlier art movements like Romanticism, Expressionism, and Impressionism, it is largely considered to be in an entirely different category of its own.

Botanicals and Flowers As Eminent Work Of Abstract Art

Flowers and botanicals in abstractions are one of the most popular subjects in abstract art today, and the sheer variety of flowers that have appeared in significant abstract paintings are staggering. There can be any number of reasons for their popularity too, for instance; flowers are an excellent medium for expressing one’s love and affection for his parents, siblings, or a special someone, or they may even be presented on someone’s birthday or any other occasion for that matter. Flowers have a positive influence on everyone and nobody looks disapprovingly at a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Such emotional appeal has also made flowers a favorite of abstract artists, who attempt to bring some meaning in to the seemingly chaotic nature of most abstract paintings, the delicate structure and exquisite colors of flowers further accentuates the paintings and brings life in them. Abstract artists purposefully distort the natural colors and form of flowers to give them a more personalized touch; this is believed to be done in order to communicate a deeper meaning than what the flower in its natural form would likely propagate.

Artists are able to translate much darker moods and perplexities of the human mind than we normally conceive. On a funny note, people that are allergic to flowers in reality can enjoy these paintings without worrying a bit!   artgagaa

Artists And Their Flower Painting

Some of the world renowned artists that have contributed towards abstract art and paintings of flowers include Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandisky, Robert Delauney, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock. Recent artists that have gained fame and recognition for their abstract rendering of flowers include Lena Karpinsky, Carmen Guedez, Martina Shapiro, and Peggy Garr. Any flower paintings from these artists can cost anywhere from a few hundreds of dollars to even tens of thousands of dollars!

Abstract flower paintings are therefore an appreciating investment and many of these paintings have the potential of becoming future classics in their own right, many of them have been given a place at some of the most prestigious art museums in the world. Newer trends have seen many people undergoing training as abstract artists and there is good talent too so the future of abstract expressionism through flowers is anything but dim. Flowers are a popular subject for abstract artists, especially among female artists flowers hold a weird affinity, and an overwhelming majority of female abstract artists choose to paint flowers.

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