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This site provides reviews and guides to help consumers learn about the best carpet cleaning machines for home use. Our subscribers include plenty of pet owners who cope with annoying and tough pet spots, and regular singles or families who need to manage the realities of maintaining their carpets clean. Listed below are a few getting started guides: Home Carpet Cleaning Machines Introduction & Carpet Cleaning Machine Buyer’s Guide.

It is often time-consuming to hunt out and compare the top machines  read this article all on your own. Top manufacturers such as Hoover or Bissell have lots of cleaners that appear similar but they have different layout subtleties and mixes of characteristics that differentiate their performance and handling.

This site enables readers to quickly understand the advantages and disadvantages of every machine. First-time visitors may browse through a listing of the greatest machines below, and use the Compare Carpet Cleaning Machines graph.

For readers who are in a rush to see the best home carpet cleaning machines on the industry these days, here’s a list of machines for routine domestic home use.

This Rug Doctor deep cleaner model provides near-professional quality results, and in precisely the exact same time is less costly and lighter in weight compared to Rug Doctor’s standard commercial rental machine. Rug Doctor asserts this version ‘s suction power is left up to 75% greater than comparable at-home vertical cleaners, resulting in superior cleaning effects. A large number of users, such as pet owners and many others dealing with dirty carpets, are tremendously impressed with what this cleaner can do. Users like both it’s strong cleaning capabilities and the quality of it’s construction and workmanship. One drawback is the fact that it costs over other popular versions, but it’s better constructed than the normal consumer tier model on the market nowadays.

Key attributes include a Dual-Cross Action Brush System, higher suction energy, a very long 28 feet cord along with also a two-tank water method. For users seeking out the maximum superior cleaning performance available for a consumer-grade model, this machine is absolutely worth checking out. Complete review >>

[Best Value] The Hoover Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer is a high-performing all-in-one carpet cleaner model which may be used for cleaning carpeting, area spots and stains, pet Cabinets and upholstery. It weighs only a mere 18.1 lbs, which makes it one of the lightest full-powered (10 amps) vertical carpet cleaner which delivers high quality benefits. Users are impressed by how clean their rugs get with this machine. Many discover that light carpets with dark spots are no match for this powerful machine.

Top highlights include powerful counter rotating brushheads, a rinse-wash selector change, fast dry time and a lot of handtools for elastic cleaning. This machine has created a solid history of high user ratings within the last couple of decades, and now stands as a top-selling customer favorite. For it’s price, the machine provides exceptional value to customers. The Power Scrub is well-designed, cheap, moisturizes and easy-to-use extremely well. Complete review >>

[Best Features] The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner is a fashionable and high-performing rug cleaner. With this machine, Bissell’s engineers have integrated a number of the most desirable features for a home carpet cleaner into a new lightweight and glossy layout. Their efforts are paying off, as user feedback has been quite positive regarding this version ‘s simplicity of use and exceptional cleaning operation.

The machine includes excellent characteristics such as Bissell’s DirtLifter brushes, and a dual water tank machine, dual Express and Deep Clean manners, and Heatwave technology. It weighs only under 18 lbs, which makes it lighter than other Bissell upright carpet cleaners in its category. This handy device is designed to be removed and used regularly without intimidation, enabling users to enjoy clean carpets more often. Complete Review >>

What distinguishes this machine is that is has a wide cleaning path compared to the Hoover Power Scrub, so that more of the carpet gets cleaned which every cleaning stroke. Another feature users like is that the rinse-only mode, which makes it easy for users to rinse their carpets without needing to drain their tank of warm water mixed with detergent. This is particularly great for pet owners or owners with young kids who don’t need the chemicals from your cleaner to follow their carpets.

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V is best recommended for customers who are seeking outstanding cleaning skills, efficient widepath cleaning and convenient carpet cleaning. Complete review >>

According to customers, this machine provides substantial cleaning power that actually stands up to the results of professional standard servers, but without the cost. When it is tough stinky pet spots such as urine and feces, coffee spots or outdated stains which have put in, it’s been proven to lift them off without too much trouble.

Key highlights include powerful counter rotating brushheads to loosen dirt from carpeting, the handy Clean Surge feature that melts extra detergent for extra cleansing power, and fast dry time because the machine’s powerful suction and heated air characteristic. This timeless machine is one of the most successful Hoover home carpet cleaner versions ever, with a well-established history and thousands of favorable 5 star ratings from happy users. It could be an old model when compared with the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe, but it still works very well and delivers exceptional cleaning results. Complete review >>

[Has Internal Heater] Some sellers specifically search for a deep carpet cleaner which integrates its own water heater. If this ‘s a characteristic you value, the Bissell ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner is a extremely popular choice with good user evaluations. It’s also one of the few options out there for an at-home cleaner with water heater. Even without using the heating feature, this Bissell device is well-equipped with dual Dirt-Lifter brush pops along with a powerful suction to deep clean carpets. It appeals to both pet owners and non-pet owners equally. Users are often impressed by how quickly it can clean out bad carpet stains and soiled huge areas.

Key highlights include an integrated water heater, 12 rows of DirtLifter brushes, and a more powerful 12 amps engine and fast dry time. Overallthis is a machine which provides a highly effective cleansing performance, even fitting the results in professional grade machines based on satisfied users. Complete review >>

The Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro has been engineered to supply an upgraded cleaning functionality. For users with really dirty and stained rugs, its special Pressure Pro cleansing feature sends a wall of water to loosen and raise the most stubborn stains and dirt. When used in conjunction with Hoover’s proven SpinScrub counter rotating brushheads and powerful suctioning technologies, many users discovered its cleaning operation to be exceptional. Users also like the device is well-constructed and solidly built to last.

It’s advocated for users who like to become top cleaning power together with efficient widepath cleaning. Complete Review >>

Like the Max Extract Dual V, it is a widepath rug cleaner with this cleans exceptionally nicely. It includes two important premium features the Max Extract Dual V does not have: auto-rinsing along with also the capacity to clean hard floors. Auto-rinsing makes it faster and simpler to eliminate mold detergent residue. A squeegee attachment that comes with the package turns this machine into a tough floor cleaner too, which makes it simpler for users to tackle and deep clean filthy floors.

The normal Hoover MaxExtract Dual V is presently the crowd favorite since the defacto widepath rug shampooer choice. The enhanced MaxExtract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer is best recommended for users who want an efficient and top performing widepath cleaner which cleans both carpets and hard floors. Complete review >>

The Bissell ProHeat Pet Advanced Carpet Cleaner 89108 is one of the few home upright carpet cleaner versions that includes an integrated water heater. Apart from having the ability to heat up water to 25F bigger, this Bissell machine comes with Bissell’s proven Dirt-Lifter brushes for raising off embedded carpeting dirt. The Bissell 89108 deep cleaner also comprises a rinse-cleaning manner, in which the cleaner only applies clean water for carpet cleaning, with no blending . For pet owners and houses with young kids, the removal of detergent and chemicals from carpeting is a worthy field of concern.

Key highlights include an integrated water heater, 6 rows of DirtLifter brushes, and a more powerful 12 amps engine along with also a rinse-cleaning mode. The model includes terrific cleaning power and a useful mix of attributes. In comparison to the Bissell ProHeat 2X Advanced 1383 recorded previously, it’s less brush pops for area scrubbing, but the package contains an extra pet stain tool-head attachment. It has less brush Overall, users like the machine’s strong cleaning operation and an overwhelming majority stated they’d recommend this to your friend. Complete review >>

It has benefits over the basic Bissell 8852 ProHeat cleaner, such as integrating a built in pet basket to capture pet hair and brush pops. The DirtLifter brushes, jointly with Bissell’s proprietary Heatwave technologies which keeps the warmth of warm water temperature, so maximizes the cleaning effectiveness of this model.

In comparison to the Bissell Deluxe Pet Cleaner 36Z9, it delivers nearly equal cleaning performance, in a cheaper best rated carpet cleaner cost. For pet owners eyeing a Bissell branded routine carpet cleanerwe advocate this well-engineered carpet cleaner machine. Complete review >>

The Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 is Bissell’s superior rug cleaner model for most pet owners. In comparison to Bissell’s other cleaner versions, the Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9 contains numerous additional features specifically meant for pet spots. Highlights include a brushing mechanism with 12 rows of DirtLifter brushes, Heatwave technologies for maintaining water temperature hot, a CleanShot feature for more difficult stains, even a Pet Stain Trapper instrument for gross pet spots and also a Pet hair collector basket to help avoid hair from jamming the interiors of their machine. This machine is completely equipped to permit users to efficiently handle pet stains on carpets easily.

The Bissell DeepClean 36Z9 includes more features but it’s suggested retail price is more than Bissell Pet Premier 17N4, another model down from it. While it may not be Bissell’s cheapest vertical cleaner, lots of users are happy to buy this model since they view the value it gives in helping them get rid of tough pet stains easily. Complete review >>

The Bissell 8852 ProHeat DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaner is Bissell’s basic low-cost vertical carpet cleaner. It’s overall layout and technology incorporates essential features for a quality and convenient rug cleaning experience. Users are often astonished by how easy it is to use the machine and how well it works in receiving their soiled carpets thoroughly cleaned.

This trendy looking cleaner incorporates Bissell’s Heatwave Technology feature to keep the water warm for much more efficient carpet cleaning. Complete review >>

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