Thompson Namukaba Zambian Artist

t.jpgThompson Namukaba, Born 1981 in Zambia.

"I owe my Artistic background to a typical rural of the African terrain".

Thompsons works tell the story of Africa and Africans though with a universal language his subjects range from traditional Zambian life, landscapes and wild animals.

Clay was Thompson closest ally in learning and interpreting life around, as he molded clay into things of beauty, first for himself, then for others.

With time he grew into the Art life to Drawing and Painting. Thompson does graphic designing and illustrations too. Clay is partly history now overtaken by the brush on canvas and paper not to mention computer graphics as he works his way seriously to engage in cartoon animation. But still, to him influence lies in the wild of Africa. That’s why his works are about nature.

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A Bucket to Share Oil on Canvas
Here Thompson portray's a vibrant village lifestyle of adequacy in its inadequacy, where the bucket ..
Save: $7,564.00
Original Price: $11,093.99
A Mothers Tools Oil on Canvas
If anyone is a hard worker it’s the typical African woman. She hardly rests as she switches on from ..
Save: $7,758.00
Original Price: $11,287.99
Cool Flare Oil on Canvas
Is about African water lands where younger men hunt birds. Here birds are hunted using traditional t..
Save: $9,038.00
Original Price: $12,567.99
Errands Oil on Canvas
Errandsis a painting about the life of a village girl, who is an apprentice of the Mother as she tra..
Save: $7,798.00
Original Price: $11,327.99
Horror to Village Hens Oil on Canvas
In Thompson's village every home keeps chickens which are eaten only on special occasions, like when..
Save: $8,344.00
Original Price: $11,873.99
Hunting Site Oil on Canvas
Is about common sites for hunting. Here Thompson portray's the site as an abandoned area for a more ..
Save: $7,737.00
Original Price: $11,266.99
Runnel Oil on Canvas
Is an oil on canvas painting showing the typical soil eroded animal path, by rains and animals. This..
Save: $7,482.00
Original Price: $10,090.99
Social Wild Oil on Canvas
Is about Zambia’s wildlife and landscape. Here Thompson portray's the drinking site for animals even..
Save: $16,148.00
Original Price: $21,990.99
Stealth Creeping Oil on Canvas
Is about the Leopard’s hunting skill. It’s amazing how a leopard stages to make its kill at almost n..
Save: $7,818.00
Original Price: $11,347.99
Wild in Africa Oil on Canvas
Wild Africa is about African wildlife. The bush known as ‘Chibanda’ in local language. Here Thompson..
Save: $9,822.00
Original Price: $13,351.99