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Zambian Art

Zambian Art

Is your home looking a little boring!! Bring it to life with a piece of Zambian Art.

Do you need new art to be hung on the walls. The solution? Zambia African art,

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A Bucket to Share Oil on Canvas
Here Thompson portray's a vibrant village lifestyle of adequacy in its inadequacy, where the bucket ..
Save: $7,564.00
Original Price: $11,093.99
A Mothers Tools Oil on Canvas
If anyone is a hard worker it’s the typical African woman. She hardly rests as she switches on from ..
Save: $7,758.00
Original Price: $11,287.99
Cool Flare Oil on Canvas
Is about African water lands where younger men hunt birds. Here birds are hunted using traditional t..
Save: $9,038.00
Original Price: $12,567.99
Errands Oil on Canvas
Errandsis a painting about the life of a village girl, who is an apprentice of the Mother as she tra..
Save: $7,798.00
Original Price: $11,327.99
Horror to Village Hens Oil on Canvas
In Thompson's village every home keeps chickens which are eaten only on special occasions, like when..
Save: $8,344.00
Original Price: $11,873.99
Hunting Site Oil on Canvas
Is about common sites for hunting. Here Thompson portray's the site as an abandoned area for a more ..
Save: $7,737.00
Original Price: $11,266.99
Runnel Oil on Canvas
Is an oil on canvas painting showing the typical soil eroded animal path, by rains and animals. This..
Save: $7,482.00
Original Price: $10,090.99
Social Wild Oil on Canvas
Is about Zambia’s wildlife and landscape. Here Thompson portray's the drinking site for animals even..
Save: $16,148.00
Original Price: $21,990.99
Stealth Creeping Oil on Canvas
Is about the Leopard’s hunting skill. It’s amazing how a leopard stages to make its kill at almost n..
Save: $7,818.00
Original Price: $11,347.99
Wild in Africa Oil on Canvas
Wild Africa is about African wildlife. The bush known as ‘Chibanda’ in local language. Here Thompson..
Save: $9,822.00
Original Price: $13,351.99