East African Art

We look forward to helping you find your special piece of East African Art. Every piece tells a story, of life, love, culture and harmony.
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Tingatinga African art is primarily produced and sold in Tanzania, East Africa.

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Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga Original Art The Baboon
  An Original Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga painting.   Painted in 1972. Oil on Har..
Save: $10,524.00
Original Price: $14,249.99
Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga Original The Birds
  An Original Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga painting. Painted in 1972. Oil on Hard Board. Ha..
Save: $7,494.00
Original Price: $11,219.99
African Wedding Ceremony Oil on Canvas
A traditional African Wedding. Hand painted in Zanzibar, East Africa. A stunning original African pa..
Save: $866.00
Original Price: $1,269.99
Bagamoyo Prison Ruins Oil on Canvas
Kaole Prison thousand year old ruins, where the slaves where kept. Its name is derived from the word..
Save: $1,289.00
Original Price: $1,878.99
East African Art Abstract Bird Oil on Canvas
Abstract Bird is hand painted in Dar es Salaam, East Africa.This is a new style of African art. Stil..
Save: $356.00
Original Price: $523.99
Hakuna Matata Oil on Canvas On Sale Now
Hakuna Matata, means No Worries. A modern African Painting. All the lines in this painting, soles of..
Save: $741.00
Original Price: $1,026.99
Hazey Days Oil on Canvas ON SALE NOW
An unusual unique African Painting. Hand painted in Dar es Salaam, East Africa. Hazey Days has a won..
Save: $1,078.00
Original Price: $1,461.99
Historical Zanzibar Oil on Canvas
Historical Stone Town in Zanzibar, widening narrow alleys.The buildings are constructed using stone ..
Save: $981.00
Original Price: $1,413.99
Maasai Boma Oil on Canvas
A bright, colorful, original East African knife painting. Beautifully created using a knife only. ..
Save: $573.00
Original Price: $767.99
Maasai Ladies Gathering Oil on Canvas
A stunning hand painted knife painting, painted in Dar es Salaam, East Africa.This unique stylish Af..
Save: $1,336.00
Original Price: $1,827.99
Maasai Meeting Oil on Canvas
Painted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa. A stunning African Tingatinga Painting. This is a unique..
Save: $981.00
Original Price: $1,335.99
Maasai of Kilimanjaro Oil on Canvas
Maasai of Kilimahjaro, hand painted in Arusha, East Africa. Painted using enamel bicycle painted, c..
Save: $472.00
Original Price: $648.99
Maasai of Zanzibar Oil on Canvas
This painting is describing how a Maasai warriors life is living on the beach in Zanzibar.A care fre..
Save: $727.00
Original Price: $1,081.99
Maasai Village Oil on Canvas
Maasai Village is a stunning hand painted knife painting. Created by using a knife only. This paint..
Save: $436.00
Original Price: $630.99
Massai Boy East African Art
This painting represents the traditional life of a young Maasai boy. All day long they herd their g..
Save: $419.00
Original Price: $586.99
Old Stone Town Zanzibar Oil on Canvas
Amazing Stone Town in Zanzibar.The buildings are constructed of stone and coral from the sea. Wideni..
Save: $982.00
Original Price: $1,434.99
Still Maasai Knife Painting Oil on Canvas
This is a unique form of Tingatinga Art. Painted with a knife, no paint brush has been used to creat..
Save: $496.00
Original Price: $663.99
Streets In Zanzibar Oil on Canvas
The beautiful widening streets of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Stone Town is where the famous rock Star Fre..
Save: $1,455.00
Original Price: $1,985.99
Tarangire Lion Oil on Canvas ON SALE NOW
This is a painting of one of the oldest Lions painted in the Tarangire’s National Wild Life park, in..
Save: $1,480.00
Original Price: $2,000.99
Traditional Maasai Oil on Canvas ON SALE NOW
A fantastic unique hand painted African Painting. This is a special form of Tingatinga art. Painted ..
Save: $1,323.00
Original Price: $1,765.99
Village Life East African Art
Village life is a hand painted East African Art painting. This painting represents village life and..
Save: $349.00
Original Price: $516.99
Wandering Herdsmen Knife Painting Oil On Canvas
A beautiful African Tingatinga painting.Wandering Herdsmen is a hand painted knife painting.Painted ..
Save: $384.00
Original Price: $560.99
Watering Hole Kilimanjaro Oil on Canvas ON SALE NOW
An original Oil on Canvas. Kilimanjaro in the back ground, animals at the watering hole. Stucco eff..
Save: $1,340.00
Original Price: $1,850.99
Zanzibar Door Acrylic on Canvas
Zanzibar is well known for its fabulous wooden doors.Beautiful brass knobs on the outside were to ke..
Save: $1,122.00
Original Price: $1,554.99