Tayewo & Kehinde Oyedeji Nigerian Artists

k-t.jpgTayewo and Kehinde Oyedeji, otherwise known as Kenny and Tay are Nigerian- born artists. They were educated at the Polytechnic Ibadan with a degree in Painting.

They have exhibited extensively across the globe and they both now live in The United States where they still practice their love… Arts. They have both been painting simultaneously for over 15 years… thus the style that projected them into more recognition in their art amongst there vast audience around the globe. Their paintings portrayed the richness and awe of the vast cultural norms and values of where they come from. Their works adorn walls of homes, public buildings and embassies around the world.

The twins are not resting on their laurels, and they therefore strive into discovering more artistic reality in the intuitive level. The striking colors in their paintings are representations of their positive spirits. They have exhibited their works extensively in Africa, Europe and America. When not in the studio, Tay teaches art in a school and Kenny works as an art therapist.

Tayewo and Kehinde Oyedeji paintings are reproduced three times. They are very difficult to repaint to look just like in the pictures, but they will be very similar. You can only achieve an identical reproduction when they are prints. They may be a reproduction, but they are still originals.

Tayewo and Kehinde have decided to reproduce their works a certain number of times because not many people are ready to buy an original out-rightly which of course increases the cost.

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Baobab Mixed Media
The Baobab tree has many uses and benefits. Therefore, people like to gather around it and do whatev..
Save: $1,992.00
Original Price: $2,963.99
Homeward Mixed Media
The villagers, always return home with a happy and joyful spirit after most of there goods have been..
Save: $2,785.00
Original Price: $3,972.99
Lets Take A Walk Mixed Media
Couples like to talk long walks, to just get away from the distractions of the environment to talk o..
Save: $2,503.00
Original Price: $3,474.99
Market Day Mixed Media
People come to the market to display there wares and goods. Some come there just to socialize, and t..
Save: $2,540.00
Original Price: $3,433.99
Over the Top Mixed Media
A dancer comes out to entertain the king, and also communes with the Deity, to give the king message..
Save: $1,927.00
Original Price: $2,702.99
Puberty On Fabric Mixed Media
When young girls are getting into the age of puberty in the western part of Nigeria, a ceremony is o..
Save: $2,981.00
Original Price: $4,011.99
Reflections Mixed Media
This is a painting based on a state of mind when a person just feels like being all alone, to think ..
Save: $1,481.00
Original Price: $2,217.99
The Journey Mixed Media
The northern part of Africa, where there is a lot of desert, merchants travel extensively from one e..
Save: $2,304.00
Original Price: $3,275.99