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About Us

Every piece of art has a story.

~Art Gaga~

Be it a smooth drawl on the paper, a plethora of swirls and splashes, a scenic scenery, the ballerina, rich hues of oil on canvas or a modernistic Marilyn Monroe…. they have been conceived in some moment of inspiration and eventually make an appearance to the eyes of the beholders.

We love art and the artists who create it!

The website is a community of both creators and lovers of all things beautiful and stimulating. We are the seekers and collectors of enchantment. You can come and join us in this journey where imagination takes forms and shapes on the canvas. Come and explore those subtleties of the human mind which you thought were only the realm of your quite solitude.

Our Story

Art Gaga was born out of love for art and all the things related to those minute moments of creativity and inspiration.We deal in all forms and kinds of art and artists. Ranging from African prints to classical oils to contemporary geometric patterns, you have all of it under one roof.

Become an Art Lover

If you love art, you would also want to own it. We do this work for you by bringing you the best from around the world and delivering it to your doorstep. Make your own gallery by selecting pieces from our collection. You can also try out different framing options to get the most customized art.

Contact us for more information on delivery, shipment and available pieces.